Emma Ogier Gets Frustrated With Misunderstandings on Debut Single “First Base”

A lot can be taken from what an artist chooses to debut their career with. They’re not just choosing a song that they hope can be successful, although they’re definitely doing that, too. A debut single is a declaration that’s going to help define listeners’ ideas of who the artist is and what their music can be.

Based off of that, Texan singer-songwriter Emma Ogier is set to join the ranks as a new voice to look out for, with her moody blend of country and indie pop in her debut single “First Base,” which was released June 30.

The song looks at misunderstandings, especially in the early stages of a relationship, and was accompanied by a sweet music video, also released June 30.  The singer co-wrote the single alongside producer Doug Schadt, who’s also worked with artists like Ashe, Claire Rosinkranz, as well as Maggie Rogers, one of Ogier’s self-described musical heroes. While some say to never meet your heroes, this advice wasn’t true for Ogier, who has gained recognition lately because she’s been joined by Rogers for several duets on TikTok.

Despite this being her debut single, the 19-year-old Texas native isn’t a stranger to performing. Ogier just wrapped up supporting Michaela Slinger on several dates of the “This Can’t Last Forever” tour. 

“First Base” is available on all streaming platforms.

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