Goth Babe Announces Long-Awaited Debut Album and Shares New Single “Bioluminescence”

After at least eight years releasing music, Griffin Washburn, aka Goth Babe, has announced his long-overdue debut album Lola, along with the release of his new single “Bioluminescence,” – only a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Washburn’s electro pop influences reach their full potential on this ecstatic five-minute track, sounding like he’s fully stepping into the world of artificial/synthetic reign, but also seeming like the culmination of the genre-bending type of music he has been working on since his Bandcamp days as Fuzz Ghost.

Because this is a song that shows Goth Babe’s evolution and growth, it is in a way missing the roughness and DIY sound from projects like Shall We (2016) and Point Mugu (2018), and because of that it could also be said that it sounds less “alternative” than his earlier work. However, it also shows the skills he’s mastered through the years, and the sound he is now able to create can feel otherworldly.

“Bioluminescence” starts up with what feels like opening a portal of some sort (or at least that’s what came to mind for me—maybe I’ve seen Across the Spider-verse way too many times this month—but bear with me.) Then turns into a fun, danceable jam that I can just picture playing in a Skins episode, but in one of those less common scenes where the characters are allowed to feel slightly happy and free and like they’re still just kids.

The electro pop direction is very much present in songs like “Sometimes” and “Weekend Friend,” but it was a lot more subtle as he was still only experimenting with what he could make. “Bioluminescence,” on the other hand, feels sort of majestic, and complete. It’s so full, there are so many things going on at once, but the sounds match each other and surround you perfectly. Nothing seems to be missing and nothing seems to be unnecessary.

Bioluminescence” is out now.

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