Harry Styles’ Grammy-Award Winning Collaborator Mitch Rowland Drops Debut Single “Come June”

In some ways, Mitch Rowland could be considered a “nepo baby” by association; he already has a very solid fan base that will stream his music and support him on social media because of his partnership and friendship with Harry Styles, who he’s been touring with for the past seven years.

For some reason though, I don’t perceive this as a negative thing in his case, mainly because of how he’s portrayed himself over the years and how he’s approached this new chapter in his career.

The man is a dad, he turned 34 years old last week, which is by no means old, but in a world where singers become famous during their teens, it does say something. He wasn’t even supposed to be in Harry’s album (let alone tour with him), he just happened to be friends with an audio engineer when somebody else dropped out at the last minute. This background makes me believe that Mitch made the decision to put out a record now just because he loves music and he has some stuff he wants to share.

“Come June” does live up to the hype the fans have given it. It’s a chill and endearing song that is indeed giving a little bit of young Harry Styles (Mitch has co-written a big part of Harry’s discography), but his honey-like voice and slight slurring of the words turns the song into a completely new musical experience. Its slow-ish pace matches the Fleetwood Mac energy and charm Rowland naturally exudes on stage as we’ve been able to see on his opening sets during the last Love on Tour run, and it matches the laid back persona he’s shown off onstage.

“Come June” feels uncomplicated and enjoyable, and you can’t help but sway to it, and if this track is giving us a glimpse of what’s to come on Rowland’s debut album of the same name, then my suspicions might be right: he’s just making music because he wants to, songs not necessarily made for radio or to top the charts, but that might as well do because they’ve been made so well.

I cannot wait to hear more from him and see how he steps into the stage as his own household name, and although I do hope he continues to be Harry’s right hand on stage, I wouldn’t be too upset if he gets enough of a spotlight to continue on his own.

Come June” is out now and the album drops on October 6 via Giant Music/Erskine Records.

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