Joe P’s New Single “Don’t Wanna Love U” Embraces Falling For the Wrong One

As soon as I heard that there was a new Joe P single coming out, I rushed to text our editor Kristin so I could be the one to write about it, and her response was something along the lines of “I didn’t know you liked him this much!” And honestly, neither did I, until recently when I realized that his music is the kind that I never skip, the type that I am always in the mood for, so a new release from him got me immediately excited.

“Don’t Wanna Love U” sounds like a romcom (one of the good ones like Set It Up or Crazy Rich Asians), and I don’t mean that it sounds like it would play in a romcom—I’m saying that listening to it feels comforting the same way those movies feel to me. It’s enjoyable and light, like you could listen to it at any point just to feel the warmth of it.

While he sings about all the reasons why he shouldn’t keep getting involved with someone, the music tells the real story: it’s already happening and the feeling only keeps growing, the same way the song does. It leans onto the “hurt people hurt people” narrative, but embracing it in a lighthearted way: we can accept that something is probably not going to last but also welcome the idea of it being fun for a while, because at the end of the day the feelings are still real and there’s nothing to do about it.

The track also makes sure to speak about both people involved: Joe starts the song by mentioning that he is “not what he seems.”

I’m dressed up like a dream, but there’s a nightmare underneath it all,” but then also addresses how the other person has broken his heart before and will most likely do it again. He’s willingly putting himself in this position, like I’m sure most of us have (sigh) but also taking responsibility for his own participation.

This single is technically Parella’s first since his 2022 EP French Blonde (his only other release this year was a remix of his hit song “Off My Mind” with K.Flay), and it very much stays in line with the sound he’s come to perfect and that has now become his own. And assuming that this means an album announcement is imminent, consider me already seated.

“Don’t Wanna Love U” is out now.

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