10 Acts to See at Life is Beautiful 2023

Exciting news! Staged Haze is headed to VEGAS in less than two weeks to cover Life Is Beautiful for the first time. 

This year’s lineup boasts a WIDE range of artists and genres, ranging from rap (Kendrick Lamar, Nelly, Yung Gravy) to dance (Flume, Odesza, Madeon), to pop (Khalid, The 1975, Kim Petras) and even artists that we’ve been telling our readers to keep an eye on for months, and even years (Reneé Rapp, Miya Folick, Raye, to name a few).

There’s something for everyone with this lineup, and it makes sense that it casts such a wide net: who doesn’t want to go to Vegas for a weekend to party and see live music? This festival is an anomaly on its own for those reasons alone, but even so because it starts so much later in the day compared to a traditional festival, and goes until 1am (which isn’t even considered late in a city like Vegas). 

Below are ten acts we think you should see and why: we obviously know there are a TON of artists on this lineup worth checking out, but we made a point to try to highlight ones we haven’t discussed much in this format before. Even if you’re not attending, we hope you find someone new to enjoy!

Almost Monday, Downtown Stage, 4-4:40pm
Genre: Pop
RIYL: Aidan Bissett, Arlie, lovelytheband

I feel like, as active as they are with releases and even touring, I rarely see almost monday on festival lineups, so they were naturally one of the bands I got the most excited about. The San Diego trio have been pretty consistent with their sound, polishing it to become their own both lyric and music wise, and they’re always so fun to see live. They interact with the crowd a lot and are very good at winning over bystanders from what I’ve seen, and I think that’s the perfect type of artist you want at a festival.

Their latest EP endless summer 2023 (which is more of a mixtape than anything) is a good representation of who they are as a band – and includes singles like “life goes by,” one of my favorite songs ever by them. It seems to me like they might be taking a little bit of a step back from their poppy influences and approaching both their production and songwriting with more of an indie rock style, and I will even allow myself to say that I sense some hints of surf rock in their last couple of songs. And I’m jealous of anyone that will be lucky to catch them at Life is Beautiful. – Javi

Raye, JBL Stage, 5-5:40pm
Genre: Pop/R&B
RIYL: SZA, Years & Years, Tinashe

While British singer/songwriter Raye has lamented her mark as a popstar in the UK, she is still working on becoming a household name in the states. Her 2023 album My 21st Century Blues is definitely helping though, as she already performed a slew of sold out shows in North America and is returning this fall for more.

Raye has the perfect balance of vocal chops and commercial likeability—after all, her music did go viral on TikTok last year. I think that this alone will get a large pull of festival attendees to her set, and I would be shocked if they don’t walk away as new fans of the 25-year-old. I’m looking forward to seeing her later this year, as her album is one of my favorites of 2023 so far. – Kristin

Roosevelt, Rolling Stone Stage, 7:15-7:55pm
Genre: Synth Pop
RIYL: Poolside, St. Lucia, Goth Babe

30-year-old Marius Lauber, better known for his stage name Roosevelt, is one of those artists whose music I have heard of over the years quite consistently, but have a hard time stringing together that they’ve all been released by the same musician (something I need to work on).

With that being said, if you’re looking for a fun, laidback, dance vibe at Life is Beautiful, I definitely suggest checking out Roosevelt, the German DJ, producer, songwriter, and musician whose sound blurs the lines between dance, electronic, and “hynagogic pop,” otherwise known as “pop music refracted through the memory of a memory” (a phrase I want to use forever because I now understand I am very much drawn to this style of pop music). 

Roosevelt’s 4th studio album Embrace is dropping just a few days after his set at Life Is Beautiful, so be prepared to hear some new, unreleased music. – Kristin

Chika, Rolling Stone Stage, 5:15-5:55pm
Genre: Hip Hop
RIYL: Noname, Syd, Tierra Whack

Chika is a master lyricist and melodic embodiment of complexity. In celebration of her debut album, SAMSON: THE ALBUM, she’s set to take the stage of Life is Beautiful on Saturday. The 26-year-old rapper started her journey after deciding not to go to Berklee College of Music and opted to make a name for herself on her own. She was nominated for Best New Artists at the Grammys in 2021 after the release of her EP, ONCE UPON A TIME, cementing her as an artist to watch. 

Chika is known for being a force of change, speaking out about injustices faced by marginalized groups. Her lyrics leave her raw and vulnerable, speaking about racism, body shaming, and mental illness. But in this, she’s able to find strength and connection to listeners. I’ve been rooting for Chika for a while now and love seeing her name on a festival line-up. Her soulful voice is bound to leave a mark on those lucky enough to attend her set. – Meleah

Prentiss, Rolling Stone Stage, 7:15-7:55pm
Genre: Pop
RIYL: aldn, glaive, ericdoa

While I don’t actually know if this statistic is accurate, I would place a large amount of money as a bet that Prentiss is the youngest artist to play Life is Beautiful in the history of the festival. I believe he is 15 or 16-years-old now, and only recently got discovered within the past couple years thanks to his music being discovered by major artists like Justin Bieber and Meghan Trainor.

I haven’t heard of ton of his music if I’m being completely honest, but I know that he’s been getting a lot of buzz and to see someone that young at a festival in this early in their career would be something. I definitely suggest checking out. – Kristin

Jawny, Rolling Stone Stage, 7:30-8:10pm
Genre: Indie Rock
RIYL: Wallice, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Kid Bloom

Having released his debut album earlier this year, I’d be excited to see how a festival crowd reacts to a JAWNY set. Some of his older hits like “Take It Back” and the viral “Honeypie” always get the audience jumping and screaming, but I wonder how the bystanders will feel when they listen to the newer stuff (although Jacob’s stage presence already makes him a pretty likable dude to watch live).

Assuming “strawberry chainsaw” and “adios” will be in his setlist, I’m thinking that Las Vegas will be in for a treat. The 27-year-old has had an amazing musical evolution in the past couple of years, and his newer songs feel a lot crispier and just generally more defined. He’s been really open about losing his way and falling into what “the industry expects” instead of what he wants and likes to do, but he found his way back! – Javi

Reneé Rapp, Rolling Stone Stage, 9:05-9:45pm
Genre: Pop
RIYL: Fletcher, Maisie Peters, Maude Latour

23-year-old Reneé Rapp’s debut album was only released this past August, but thanks to her strong social media presence, previous experience performing on broadway, and a stint on HBO’s TV show “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” Rapp has certainly already become a household name. Rapp’s performance at Life is Beautiful is just a stop on her massive headlining tour with sold out shows across the country, and her 40-minute set at LIB is sure to pull a large crowd.

The girl has incredible vocal chops: and I would definitely recommend checking her out to see how her broadway training translates into a pop setting. – Kristin

Wilderado, Rolling Stone Stage, 5:05-5:45pm
Genre: Indie pop/folk
RIYL: Mt. Joy, The Head & The Heart, The Brook & The Bluff

Though the Tulsa natives Wilderado have been releasing music since 2015, they’ve only released one full length album, their self-titled debut back in 2021. Opening for major acts like The 1975, Mt. Joy, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I’m surprised that they’re still not a household names like the artists I just referenced.

I’m hoping that 2023 and beyond brings the band the success they deserve: I’m not sure if they have announced a release date for a sophomore album or not, but with a headlining tour kicking off the day before their slot at Life Is Beautiful, I’m assuming something is in the works. – Kristin

Miya Folick, Rolling Stone Stage, 5:45-6:25pm
Genre: Indie rock
RIYL: Mitski, Julia Jacklin, Tomberlin

I’ve been a fan of Miya Folick for a few years and love seeing her name on a festival line-up. She released her follow-up to the widely praised Premonitions in May. This album, ROACH, explores how the mundanity of life can fester and eat away at you. That could be off putting to some, but Miya takes these themes and layers them onto sweet arrangements, creating a body of work that’s complex but accessible.

Miya has an eye for design. Everything she does seems perfectly in tune with a larger vision that only she’s privy to. I anticipate that her Life is Beautiful set will be equally as emphatic of her distinct and artful expressions. I truly believe you won’t regret making her set. – Meleah

Biig Piig, Rolling Stone Stage, 9-9:40pm
Genre: Indie pop/r&b
RIYL: Pink Pantheress, Greentea Peng, Channel Tres

Any time Biig Piig takes the stage, it’s a party. The London-based Irish artist released her debut album, Bubblegum, in the beginning of this year, dubbing her a force of transformation in the age of genreless music.

Growing up in Spain, Ireland, and London, Biig Piig is no stranger to the transient lifestyle. She channels this impermanence and fluidity into her music, making for an album that has expressions of souls, R&B, pop, and electronic. Her most recent project evokes a feeling of a night out on the dance floor, sweaty and beautiful. I anticipate the performance at Life is Beautiful will resonate in the same way. – Meleah

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