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Bishop Briggs and Misterwives Deliver Electrifying Co-Headlining Show in New York City

On a Friday evening, as the weather began to give off those early fall vibes, fans casually gathered at the Rooftop at Pier 17, a relatively recent addition to Manhattan’s concert scene, having opened its doors in 2018. It’s quickly become a hot spot for live music in the city. And on this particular evening, all eyes were on the “Down Look Down” Tour, featuring the incredible Sarah Grace McLaughlin, aka Bishop Briggs, and the charismatic Mandy Lee, lead singer of indie pop sensation Misterwives.

The stage was a visual masterpiece. It boasted several multi-tiered platforms that seamlessly transitioned into screens, treating the audience to a mesmerizing display of music videos, song lyrics, and colorful lights throughout both co-headliners’ sets. 

Kicking off the festivities was Bishop Briggs, who hit the stage with infectious energy, rocking an outfit that gave off rebellious school uniform vibes. With her powerhouse vocals, she brought alternative rock anthems to life. Her setlist kicked off with the 2022 gem “Art of Survival” and then launched into the crowd-favorite “Wild Horses” from her 2018 album, Church of Scars. Between songs, she shared anecdotes about past relationships forged in the winding streets of New York City, a fitting lead-in to her soulful anthem “My Shine” from the 2019 album CHAMPION. Overflowing with gratitude and excitement, she declared, “Tonight is a magical night.” A soothing acoustic interlude, punctuated by the ethereal “Dreams,” provided a brief respite before the energy soared again with “Hallowed Ground” and a show-stopping cover of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” The climax of her set arrived with the electrifying “River,” igniting a fervor in the crowd that echoed her unwavering passion.

Then, it was time for Misterwives to take the stage for their hometown crowd. Mandy Lee, mirroring Bishop’s fashion flair in a black pleated skirt and white shirt, was adorned with white bows. She exuded charm as she danced across the stage. The evening started with a bang as they delved into “Out of Your Mind” from their July-released album, Nosebleeds, setting the stage for a high-octane performance. Despite Mandy’s valiant efforts to battle an illness with antibiotics, it was the crowd’s boundless energy that fueled her. She encouraged everyone to embrace the night’s freedom with gusto, declaring, “The goal tonight is to feel as free as possible.” Their setlist was peppered with tracks from the new album, including “Dagger,” “All the Same,” and “Trigger Pull,” followed by hits from their 2020 sensation, SUPERBLOOM, featuring the irresistible “Rock Bottom” and “whywhywhy.” The crowd was ready to dance the week’s stress away, and Mandy Lee echoed their sentiment, proclaiming this show as “easily the most beautiful night of our lives.”

A recurrent theme in Misterwives’ music centers on self-empowerment and the transformative journey from life’s lows to the peaks of happiness. Highlights of the night included the infectious ’80s vibes of “Sideways,” with saxophonist Mike Murphy elevating the euphoria with his spirited solos. Even in moments of vulnerability, as Mandy Lee perched on the highest platforms wearing a brace adorned with arrows mirroring the “Nosebleeds” album cover, her voice remained an unwavering beacon of resilience.

As the night neared its conclusion, Misterwives treated the audience to a trip down memory lane with songs from their 2015 breakthrough album, Our Own House, including the titular track and the evergreen favorite, “Reflections.” The band’s synergy was palpable throughout the evening, even manifesting in playful synchronized head choreography. Wrapping up the night, they unveiled a vibrant medley fromNosebleeds, introducing the album to an adoring live audience, ensuring these tunes would resonate long after the concert’s final notes. The grand finale belonged to Nosebleeds, Mandy Lee ventured into the crowd, dancing and celebrating. Concluding the performance, the band, all in uniform, graciously bowed before their fellow New Yorkers, and with the stunning view, sealing the essence of an idyllic Friday night. 

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Photos by Morgan Winston for Staged Haze

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