Rosie Tucker Hopes for ‘Unending Bliss’ on New Single

In an ideal world, there would be peace among all people and no conflict whatsoever. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and if we’re being honest here, it can be hard to wish your enemies well. Rosie Tucker, a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, explores if it’s possible to wish happiness for your personal enemies on the singer’s new track “Unending Bliss,” which dropped today.

“I can’t help it, I throw stones like if I keep in motion I won’t sink. If at the bottom of everything we are all alone, then I want nothing but unending bliss for my enemies,” Tucker sings in the track’s ending chorus. The guitar-heavy song veers in and out between angry, rollicking verses and bridge, and the song’s twinkly chorus that takes cues from math rock influences.

The varying tonal shifts in the song show an impressive songwriting power from Tucker. The new single is Tucker’s latest release since Tiny Songs Volume 1, a collection of 12 short songs that was released in September. The album, packed with what sometimes feels like snippets of songs, has a 10-minute run time. The album’s longest track, “the desert is an hourglass,” a soaring, witty pop track that feels powerful despite its short run time, clocks in at one minute and 17 seconds.

“Unending Bliss” is accompanied by a cutesy stop motion music video, directed by Vanesa De La Mora, who also collaborated with Tucker on two videos for “Tiny Songs Volume 1.” The video, which utilizes stop motion figures made of felt, follows a dedicated home gardener who is trying to create a garden oasis of fresh vegetables, only to see their efforts continuously get disrupted by a skunk and several bugs that adequately matches the tone of the song—the gardener reconciles with the skunk, its former mortal enemy.

Tucker is currently on a “tiny tour,” in support of the brief album that’s hitting up 12 cities throughout the United States. Tucker will be performing solo and acoustic on the tour, and fans can get tickets here.

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