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My Lollapalooza 2016 Predictions

Super excited to join in on the prediction game! If you’re interested in getting in on the action, check out the Lollapalooza thread on Reddit.

**Will continue to update periodically**

I’m also trying to put headliners near the top from now on.

Last Updated 3/16.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – with more and more hints leading to the fact that Kanye won’t be at Grant Park this summer, Macklemore would be the rap headliner. There is definitely room for more than one in the lineup, but who can be so sure…NOTE: The duo is playing a show at the Riv in June…which means they’re most likely out of the picture. Probability – 10%

Disclosure – On many festival bills this summer. Probability – 75%

Radiohead – An extremely reliable festival source has announced that Radiohead is confirmed. He/She also correctly predicted Paul McCartney, Florence & Metallica at last year’s festival. Probability – 95%

LCD Soundsystem – Has been a consistent guess in the Lolla rumor mill. With a headlining spot at Coachella in April, it’s likely we’ll get them as well. Probability – 100%

Kanye West – With the recent announce of his new album, I would HIGHLY doubt he’d skip out playing the 25th anniversary show in his hometown. He’s also playing Governor’s Ball in NYC in June: a hint that he’ll most likely be playing a few others this summer. Probability – 30%

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Another band that has rumored to be confirmed for the lineup. Probability – 60%

Jack U – They’re on the festival circuit this summer and would be a huge score for Lollapalooza. I also heard they’re currently the most expensive EDM act to book. Probability – 75%

Sia – New album will be dropping at the end of January and is a rumored second tier performer. Will be at Coachella as well. I would absolutely love to see her! Probability – 80%

Ellie Goulding – She’s a big bill on festivals this summer. She is playing in Chicago in May, but I’m thinking she made the cutoff…only time will tell. Probability – 60%

Coldplay – Had a successful headlining stint at Lollapalooza a few years ago. Just released a new album and have been discussing a hiatus. The perfect closing show for their band, without a doubt. Out 1/28 – announced show at Soldier Field on 7/23.

Death Cab For Cutie – Source. Announced a summer tour w/ support from Chvrches. This tour is obviously skipping Chicago and is opened that weekend. They’re basically a shoe in, unless they end up playing Riot Fest… Probably – 75%

Lana Del Rey – With more and more signs pointing to Ellie Goulding not being at Lollapalooza, it’s likely that they’ll need a female performer (I’m still praying to GOD for Sia). Probability – 85%

The Head and the Heart – They’ve been working on an album for the past few months or so and are playing Mo Pop festival in Detroit just a few days before Lollapalooza. Probability – 90%

The 1975Source. Skipping Chicago on their spring tour. New album dropping in Feb. and haven’t played Lollapalooza since 2014. It was also given away on the band manager’s Twitter account and a user on Reddit that ran into Matty in California in a hotel and he talked about the band being booked to pre-headline. Probability – 100%

M83Source. Just announced a tour and has no dates from July 15 to August 10. Obviously Chicago is not on that list. Probability – 95%

Troye Sivan – It just makes sense to me that he’s going to be on the line-up. He has an opening in his schedule for the weekend and was on a fake lineup leak. Probability – 50%

Alessia Cara – With the breakout year she’s had, I can’t see her NOT being there. Also will be at Coachella. Probability – 65%

Leon Bridges – Similar to Alessia, I can’t see him not being at Grant Park this summer after such a great year. Probability – 60%

HAIM – When I originally posted this, I hadn’t heard any rumors of a new album. However, they’re releasing new music soon and are on the Bonnaroo lineup. I saw them open up for Taylor Swift and they were amazing (definitely not catered to Taylor’s demographic, though) and I would love to see them in their element. Probability – 95%

Chvrches – Just released a list of 4 headlining shows in the U.S., which Chicago being in March and the rest in April. Is this a hint that they’re trying to abide by the radius clause so they can play Lolla? Most likely. Probability – 75%

Fetty Wap – Based on the year he’s hand, I would be shocked if they don’t get him. Probability – 80%

Two Door Cinema Club – Rumors of a new album can mean they’ll be back. They were amazing in 2013! Probability – 100%

Gallant – Had a huge song debut in 2015 and just released another song with Sufjan Stevens. Probability – 85%

Cage the Elephant- Notorious for their set in 2014. Also, they just released a new album. They also have a tour scheduled for the spring and aren’t playing Chicago. UPDATE: Cage the Elephant added more Spring tour dates with Portugal. The Man and will be at the UIC Pavillion on June 7th, making it extremely unlikely for them to be back a month later at Lolla.

St. Lucia – The band has an album set to release on January 29th and they haven’t played Lollapalooza since 2013. They’ll be performing in Chicago in February, but that’s definitely enough time to come back in July. UPDATE: The band confirmed they’ll be performing at Lolla at their Chicago show on 2/22. Probability – 100%

Grimes – Almost a guarantee. On tour w/ Florence & The Machine this summer, but she won’t be performing at the Chicago date in June, which easily makes her a shoe in to be on the bill. SourceProbability – 95%

Jack Garratt – He lives in Chicago, and has started 2016 off strong. It could be possible that he wasn’t booked early enough but I think he’s possible. He’s playing a couple other festivals this summer. Probability – 70%

Kurt Vile – Source. Announced a U.S. tour and Chicago isn’t on the list. Probability 50% because Riot Fest may get him.

Fidlar – Similar to The Head and the Heart, Fidlar will be playing the Detroit Mo Pop Festival a few days before Lollapalooza, and are also playing Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo this summer. Probability – 90%

Frightened Rabbit – Source. With new music, a Spring tour skipping Chicago, playing O’Sheaga the same weekend, and not playing since 2013, I’d say that they are a shoe in. Probability – 95%

Foals – Source. Conveniently skipping Chicago on their Spring tour w/ Silversun Pick-Ups (also likely), and will also be at O’Sheaga. Probability – 95%

Wolf Alice – Probability – 70%

Miike Snow – The band is going on tour and will not be in Chicago on said tour. Source. Probability – 100%

– Kristin

6 comments on “My Lollapalooza 2016 Predictions

  1. Love your predictions! I’m also really hoping for Radiohead, Sia, and Haim. I went last year for the first time and was blown away by McCartney. Hopefully I can go again this year!

  2. I really wish death can plays this year!!!! <3 love the predictions!

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