Five Album Releases To Get Excited About This Fall

Five Fall Album Releases To Get Excited For


2017 has been a great year for music so far and there’s no signs that it’ll be stopping anytime soon. Some of my favorite artists have released new music this year and I’ve already been working on compiling my list of favorite albums of the year.

The fall is an interesting time for music because you get to see how the end of the year is going to go for the music industry. Expect releases from newcomers like America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal (album out 11/3) and pop heavy hitters making their return from hiatus (you probably already know who I’m referring to). Below are a few albums that I am very much looking forward to being released this fall (one is even being released tomorrow).

In order of release date:


The Killers / Wonderful, Wonderful 

Genre: Rock
Release Date: Friday, September 22
Why You Should Get Excited: The Killers haven’t released new music since 2012’s “Battle Born,” even though band members Brandon Flowers, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci have all released solo projects since then. Their announcement back into the music industry came quite quickly towards the beginning of 2017, and have since announced a world tour kicking off in 2018. The first single, “The Man,” which dropped in mid-June, touches on ideas of modern masculinity. Pitchfork writes:

“As American masculinity continues to evolve—and threatens to fall back on ugly old norms—the Killers try to have it both ways here, poking fun at dick-swinging supremacy while serving up something that could reasonably soundtrack a rough-and-dusted pickup truck commercial.”

What to expect? Hopefully some classic jams to add to The Killers’ impressive discography. Nothing too risky. Coming back from a hiatus as long as The Killers’ isn’t too easy, but many have done it before.


Wolf Alice / Visions Of A Life

Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: Friday, September 29
Why You Should Get Excited: Wolf Alice’s second studio album will have a lot to prove, considering their 2015 debut album, My Love Is Cool, was named one of the best albums of 2015 by outlets like The Guardian and NME, and was certified Gold by the BPI. Their success has continued to blossom as lead singer Ellie Rowsell has been praised as she “refuses to settle for a single identity,” something that often comes hard for females in the music industry, especially in rock. If you need anymore convincing, Wolf Alice was nominated for a Grammy in 2016 for their single “Moaning Lisa Smile” for Best Rock Performance (they lost to Alabama Shakes).

What To Expect? The band has released four singles ahead of the album’s release, songs that are sonically and lyrically similar to previous releases – so don’t expect a big change from the first album. Wolf Alice is signed to Dirty Hit Records, who also hosts The 1975, The Japanese House and similar sounding newcomer Pale Waves, – so it’ll be interesting to see if Wolf Alice has been influenced by their label mates.


The Front Bottoms / Going Grey 

Genre: Indie rock / pop punk
Release Date: Friday, October 13
Why You Should Get Excited: Who doesn’t love a good pop punk album to listen to? The last album that The Front Bottoms released was in 2015, titled “Back On Top,” which helped The Front Bottoms grow their fan base (although they were accused of “selling out”). They were also signed to Fueled By Ramen right before this album was released. I’ve always had a connection with The Front Bottoms’ lead singer and songwriter, Brian Stella, for his songwriting ability. I’ve always appreciated the band’s willingness to be open and honest in their music and I think it’s a trait that will continue to do them well, especially on this upcoming album.

What To Expect: More sad songs about love and heartbreak, of course. Maybe more of a mainstream sound since (in my opinion) they’ve continued to evolve into more of a radio friendly band? (I definitely can be wrong).










St. Vincent / Masseduction

Genre: Pop
Release Date: Friday, October 13
Why You Should Get Excited: Two works: Jack Antonoff. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that she has been working with Jack Antonoff in the studio – he’s been producing with her – so of course it now makes sense to me that I love the songs she’s released so far. Obviously St. Vincent is incredibly talented on her own but I am personally excited for this album because I LOVE everything that Jack works on (i.e. 1989, Melodrama, etc.) so I’m super amped to see how this album is going to soond.

What To Expect: I’m hoping for similar vibes that the two singles, “New York” and “Los Ageless” provide: very 80’s influenced with the uniqueness and fantastic songwriting that has always made St. Vincent stand out. I’m also expecting really great visuals and aesthetics that are apart of the album because I love the work that she’s done for the promo and music videos thus far.  










Taylor Swift / Reputation

Genre: Pop
Release Date: Friday, November 10
Why You Should Get Excited: By the time that Reputation is released, it will have been over three years since Swift has released a studio album. For us Taylor fans, that feels like thirty years. Ever since the release of her debut album, Taylor Swift, she has been releasing music every two years during the fall like clockwork: starting with Taylor Swift in 2008, Fearless in 2010, and so on. So fans were pretty surprised around this time last year when hints about her sixth album were nonexistent. I could go on about this forever, but this is an exciting release even for those people who can’t stand Swift, because we have virtually no idea what this album is going to bring. Sure, we have hints that it’s going to be about her reputation, and there are plenty theories floating around Tumblr and Buzzfeed, but Taylor likes to keep people on their toes.

What To Expect? I’m hoping that she gets back to what makes her a star: the songwriting. I’ve never been too blown away with her album singles in the past (i.e. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “Shake It Off,”), so I’m not too concerned about what’s next after the release of “Look What You Made Me Do.” Swift has always released lead singles that are not representative the albums following.



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    X-Factor winner Grace VanderWaal it is AGT winner

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