New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 12/31/17

Lesson 2.8-3

Happy last day of 2017! I didn’t find too many songs I loved this week, but there’s some gems I’m excited to share with you! I think that there’s a lack of artists releasing music this late into the year, so I guess it makes sense. Have a safe and happy new year! I’m amped to keep this going into 2018.

“Bag of Bones” – Villete
Release Date – December 15

“Day After Day” – Goldwater
Release Date – December 19

“Pop! Champagne” – Sinclair
Release Date – December 22

“Stone” Sirhound Remix – Jaymes Young
Release Date – December 29


“All Mine” – Sense, Eleven
Release Date – December 29

“Just For Us” – Francis and The Lights
Release Date – December 29

“Names” – Andrew Applepie, NKLS
Release Date – December 29

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