New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 1/7/2018

Lesson 2.8-7

Welcome to the first New Music Sunday post of the new year! I have a TON of new finds to share and I’m super excited that the first post of the 2018 series is starting off with a bang. I’ve decided to write minimal information with each track or none at all just because there’s so many and I’m not really sure if people are interested in reading what I have to say or just playing the songs. Maybe that’s something that you can leave me in regards to feedback!

Some of these songs came up on my Release Radar playlist this week even though they’re actually a few weeks old. That’s usually what I want to avoid doing but there are some GREAT songs on this list so I decided it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

As always, in order of release:

“Slower Than Usual” – Ariel Beesley
Release Date – December 7

I wish I had heard this song earlier because I’m truly obsessed with it and I love the retro sound to it. It reminds me a lot of the recent winner of The Voice, Chloe Kohanski’s style of music. Check her ad Ariel out!

“London” – Ben Zaidi
Release Date – December 11

“Psychedelic Freak” – Argonaut & Wasp
Release Date – December 12

“Fool’s Gold” Spotify Sessions – Niall Horan (One Direction Cover)
Release Date – December 13

To all you One Direction stans, I know that this is originally a 1D song but I think it goes with Niall’s current solo sound more than it ever worked with One Direction. I wasn’t too impressed with Niall’s solo debut in 2017 but I think this is a great cover.

“Roman Godlike Man (Toe Rag Session)” – Temples
Release Date – December 13

This song isn’t new, but this is a new version of it done live. I’m super into it and want to explore more of their music.

“Balance” – Dessa
Release Date – December 14

I was drawn into this song because it starts off in a way that sounds haunted and I think it’s a cool sound. I think it sounds different than anything else on this list.

“Constellations” – Jumanji
Release Date – December 15

I’m always here for the female indie pop sounds. This song makes me think of what a sound would be like if it was Florence & The Machine meets Wolf Alice meets Paramore.

“Eyes Off You” – PHANGS
Release Date – December 15

I’ve been exploring PHANGS’ music for the past few weeks and I really haven’t disliked any of the ones I’ve heard yet. I’m curious to see where they go in 2018.

“Heatwave” – LEAN
Release Date – December 15

“Doll” – Brett
Release Date – December 28

“God Save Our Young Blood” – BØRNS ft. Lana Del Rey
Release Date – January 2

I think this is one of my favorite things BØRNS has ever done. Obsessed!

“Don’t Delete the Kisses (Charli XCX x Post Precious Remix) – Wolf Alice
Release Date – January 3

I wasn’t sure how this would sound when I had first heard about the remix but I’m seriously into it. The original was one of my favorite songs of 2017 and I think the remix does the song justice for sure. Also, Post Precious is comprised of Max Hershenow, who used to be in MS MR!

“Finesse” – Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B.
Release Date – January 3

I love Cardi B. so much and I love the 90s vibes of this song. LOVE IT.

“I Can’t Quit” – The Vaccines
Release Date – January 3

“This Is Not the End” – MILCK
Release Date – January 3

I thought this artist sounded familiar and I realized that she went viral for singing at the Women’s March in early 2017! I really hope that she has a great year and I love this song.

“All The Stars” – Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
Release Date – January 4

A combination that can never do wrong.

“Low Life” – Soleima
Release Date – January 5

“I Just Need U” – TobyMac
Release Date – January 5

After finding this guy’s Soundcloud, I was shocked to see that he’s a huge Grammy winner and I feel stupid that I don’t know who he is. Anyone want to help?

“Upside Down” – Oliver Tree
Release Date – January 5

“Beige” (ShyGirls Remix) – Yoke Lore
Release Date – January 5

I’m obsessed with the original song but the remix is great too. Yoke Lore is the first show I’m seeing in 2018!

Thanks for reading.

– Kristin








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