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Another year is here, which means a ton of new music releases to get excited about. I’ve compiled a list of the ones I’m most looking forward to – and I tried not to get too deep into the year so you can have the excitement last. I’ve shared five albums I’m excited for that have definite release dates – and then five that are expected this year, but don’t have official release dates.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

Since this is going out on a Thursday, there are a couple albums that I’m looking forward to that come out tomorrow (January 12) that I’m excited for as well! Those are:

Børns‘ sophomore album, Blue Madonna. He took a long break and is back with a few singles ahead of the album, including a duet with Lana Del Rey that is AMAZING. I really loved his debut album, Dopamine, and I’m hoping that the follow-up is just as solid.

Camila Cabello‘s self-titled debut album. I actually hated “Havana” but love “Never Be the Same” and I’m curious to see how this album is received since there’s so much #drama surrounding her departure from Fifth Harmony.

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First Aid KitRuins

Genre: Folk
Release Date: January 19
Why You Should Get Excited: Johanna & Klara Soderbergh are two Swedish sisters who make killer folk music with rock and pop elements with bomb harmonies and massive pipes. The duo hasn’t released an album since 2014. I don’t think they sound like anyone else who is making music right now, and I think they have done a great job at keeping the folk genre alive and commercial enough to gain fans outside of the traditional demographic the genre serves. I’m seeing them at the Riviera Theater in February and I’m super excited for some sing alongs that will (maybe) get some tears flowing.

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Dashboard ConfessionalCrooked Shadows

Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: February 9
Why You Should Get Excited: Because I’m 23 and I was in the prime teenage years when Dashboard Confessional was at a huge moment in their career. This is enough or me to get excited so I think it should be enough for you, too! But seriously, who doesn’t love a good throwback to the days where we were all awkward, super moody and loved pop punk bands? Their last album, After The Ending, came out in 2009. Guys, I was only 15! The album will be released under Fueled By Ramen.

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The WombatsBeautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Release Date – February 9
Why You Should Get Excited: The Wombats are embarking on the fifteenth year as a band, which is cool in itself. I was a huge fan of their 2015 release, Glitterbug, and the recent release of the new album’s lead single, “Turn,” is probably my favorite thing they have done as a band thus far. I’m interested to see what direction they go in regards of sound – seems like it will be more of a refined shiny, glam rock sound similar to The Struts and Hunny.

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Born RuffiansUncle, Duke & The Chief 

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date – February 16
Why You Should Get Excited: I know I’ve said this a few times in other posts, but there’s always those bands that you enjoy listening to but don’t necessarily invest your time in. That’s how I feel about Born Ruffians – and I don’t even mean it in a rude way! There’s just so much music to hear and things to take in, it’s hard to listen to everything on the earth. Sadly it won’t ever be possible for anyone. But I’ve been listening to Born Ruffians more lately (their newest single came out a couple days ago) and I’m happy to look forward to an album release so I can hopefully dive into them further! They also have a show coming up in Chicago soon.

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Liza AnneFine But Dying

Genre: Folk Rock
Release Date:
March 9
Why You Should Get Excited: I’ve been listening to Liza a lot lately and I’m honestly obsessed with her sound. I hear a lot of Middle Kids meets Paramore meets Wolf Alice and I think that’s a pretty phenomenal combination. I’m looking forward to hearing a new full length release from her – her last body of work came out in 2015. I think that she’s one to watch – be on the look out! Side note: she’s playing in Evanston in the spring. I’m hoping to make that show.

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The 1975 Music For Cars (Possible Title)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: Rumored to be April 27
Why You Should Get Excited: Well, I would assume that a lot of my readers like The 1975 and are anxious to hear new music from them. It’s crazy to think how long it’s been since their second album was released – we’re crawling towards the two year anniversary mark. While a lot of fans have been curious to see when this album comes out, the link I inserted above shows that it’s expected to be released in April – and even though the band’s first EP shared the same title, it’s an artistic choice (read the full quote in the post). I didn’t LOVE their second album a lot after the first few listens, and I actually still think I prefer their debut album over it. But I’m curious to see if they follow the super pop sound or go back to a little bit more grit. Either way, I’m sure I will enjoy at least a handful of songs.

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Arctic MonkeysTBD 

Genre: Rock
Release Date: TBD
Why You Should Get Excited: It’s crazy for me to even fathom new music from the Arctic Monkeys because I was such a typical 18-year-old obsessed fan when AM came out in 2013. They played such a soundtrack to my freshman year of college angsty, confused, liberated self (ha ha) so I’m truly not sure how I’m going to interpret new music from them. It’s exciting to know that there is music on the way though, and it’s definitely coming sooner rather than later because they are playing Firefly – a festival in Delaware – in June. My money is that they’re playing Lollapalooza this year, too. HOLD ME TO IT!

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Genre: Electronic Pop
Release Date: TBA
Why You Should Get Excited: Their sophomore album, Every Open Eye, is probably one of my favorites ever. Front woman Lauren Mayberry continues to draw listeners in with her emotional and upbeat performance style. The clash between electronic sounds and deep lyrical content is a relationship that seemingly fits together perfectly. Let’s hope this one is coming soon. They are playing Governor’s Ball in New York this year – hopefully Lollapalooza, too. Martin Doherty of the band recently tweeted that they are finalizing the album.


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Sky FerreiraMasochism

Genre: Electropop
Release Date: TBA
Why You Should Get Excited: Sky Ferreira has been keeping busy since her 2013 debut, even though it seems like she’s been on an infinite hiatus. She appeared in the revival of Twin Peaks (which I still need to watch), and was in one of 2017’s favorite movies, Baby Driver. While Ferreira has been hinting at the new album for awhile now, only time will tell when she will actually be releasing it. Any musician that’s been on a break that’s five years long (cough cough, Vampire Weekend) will definitely be sure to create buzz.

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Vampire WeekendMitsubishi Macchiato

Genre: Baroque Pop
Release Date: TBA
Why You Should Get Excited: Like I hinted before, VW has been on a break since 2013 after the release of Modern Vampires Of the City. With band member and producer Rostam leaving the band to pursue solo projects (who created one of my favorite albums of 2017), not in the picture (he has a hand in producing but not as nearly as involved has he has been in the past), It’ll be interesting to see what direction the band goes in next.

Are there any albums that I didn’t include that you’re looking forward to? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading.

– Kristin

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