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The Most Painful Scheduling Conflicts at Lollapalooza

A breakdown of Lollapalooza's most painful scheduling conflicts. Who are you seeing this year?

The Lollapalooza schedule is here! Have you looked at it? It’s a hot mess. Not only because there are so many acts that I want to see that are inevitably performing at the same time, but also because the brains behind Lollapalooza decided to drop the lineup exclusively to the festival’s app – and it’s just physically painful to look at.

See a screenshot of this eyesore:



I myself find looking at schedules on a full screen on a chart 500x times easier to analyze, and I really hope they post it to their website soon.

For now, you can see the information in this ClashFinder that someone took the time to input for the rest of us (shoutout to that person).

Below are a handful of my hardest conflicts that were definitely painful to see, but again, this happens every year. Who are you wanting to see this year?



Billie Eilish vs. Lany, 5:45-6:45 and 5:45-6:45

While this clash sucks for me, it was pretty easy for me to decide. Billie is one of my favorite artists right now and honestly, I hated Lany’s debut album with the passion of a thousand suns. I was SO disappointed with that release. Although I am sure that they would play their big hits, I’m okay with missing it for the most part. The last time I saw Lany was in November of 2016 so I would have been interested to see their show now to see their growth, but it is what it is. I am predicting now that Billie will be even bigger in August than she already is right now and I’m really curious to see how she adapts to playing for a demographic that’s different than her general fan base. After all, she is only 16 years old. Side note, she’s playing on the worst stage in terms of setup and sound, which is annoying. But what can you do?

Don’t enjoy either artist? Blackbear is playing from 5:15-6pm, Supa BWE at 5:40-6:20pm and Kayzo from 5-6pm.


Chvrches vs. Khalid, 6:45-7:45 and 6:45-7:45

These two artists are so incredibly different but I’ve enjoyed both of them so much! Like I say later below in this post, my music taste is so all over the place and there can’t be too many people who will struggle picking between these two artists, so this is just my fault for having too broad of a music taste. I am definitely going to see Chvrches even though I will always have a soft spot for Khalid. I saw Khalid in 2017 at Jingle Bash – a radio station concert – so I feel as though I don’t really NEED to see him again that soon, and I haven’t seen Chvrches in over 2.5 YEARS. That’s wild. Their new album is set to drop later this year, so I’m assuming that if I like the album, I’ll be seeing them. Khalid’s crowd may be a little unruly, so the more I can avoid that, the better.

If you’re not like the rest of the Lollapalooza population and at either of these sets, check out Petit Biscuit 6:30-7:15 or Madison Beer at 6:50-7:30. Rezz (EDM) is supposed to be good too, she’s at 7:15-8:15 at Perry’s.



Lizzo vs. Lauv, 3:45-4:45 and 4-4:45

Before the schedule dropped, I was DEAD SET on seeing Lizzo at Lolla. I love her feel good, female empowerment hip hop music and I love supporting my female musicians. But like a lot of people, I’ve enjoyed seeing Lauv’s career EXPLODE over the past year and feel like this would be a perfect time in his career to see him live. I also know more of his music and have been listening to him for longer, which is a factor I tend to fall back on when I’m choosing who to see in a scheduling conflict. If you’re in the same boat, Lizzo is opening for HAIM in Chicago this weekend.

Looking for a solid pop set? Bebe Rexha is also playing during this time at 3:30-4:30.



A R I Z O N A vs. Pale Waves, 2:45-3:45, 2:50-3:30

As I type this, I have absolutely no idea which band I’m going to pick between these two. A R I Z O N A played Lollapalooza last year and I missed them then. Pale Waves has been doing insanely well for themselves over the past year and they still haven’t even released a debut album. I like them both about an equal amount, I’d say, which definitely doesn’t make this decision any easier! I also think that there are PLENTY of fans who enjoy both of their bands, so that’s interesting to me. Saturday is one of my slower days…it sucks that two bands I really wanted to see ended up clashing. I’m thinking this will be a game day decision.

Bomba Estéreo – another band that I was interested in checking out – are playing the Bud Light stage at 2:30-3:30.


St. Vincent vs. Daniel Caesar vs. Vera Blue, 6:45-7:45, 6:30-7:15, 6:50-7:30

Aw man – three artists I really wanted to see at Lolla this year. It sucks when you attend festivals where a lot of the people you want to see, you haven’t seen before! This year, this is more relevant than ever – and this is my sixth year going to the festival in a row. Regardless, St. Vincent put out one of my favorite albums of 2017, but Daniel Caesar and Vera Blue are up and coming musicians who have been making names for themselves as well (and you’re probably saying “duh,” because they got on the lineup). Regardless, I’m already going to have to leave St. Vincent a bit early to see Dua Lipa – it’s just annoying that the very small percentage of female artists are playing against each other. I guess there’s not much I can do in that regard.

Don’t like any of these artists? Logic is playing the Grant Park stage from 6:30-7:30pm.



Kali Uchis vs Rainbow Kitten Surprise vs. Knox Fortune vs. The Aces vs. 3:30-4:30, 4-5, 4-4:45, 4:30-5:10

Man, this one hurts me. It’s funny though because I would be SHOCKED if anyone else on the planet has this exact same conflict because each one of these artists are so unbelievably different. I have been a fan of The Aces longer than any of the other artists, so I will definitely plan my afternoon around seeing their set. I just started listening to Kali Uchis and really liked her recent album release, Rainbow Kitten Surprise is just overall good vibes and I feel like Knox Fortune is making different sounding music than anyone else right now. So this is really hard for me! Sunday is my craziest day – I could truly stay at the BMI stage all day because I enjoy every act playing on that stage. I also haven’t seen any of these four artists, so picking the one “you haven’t seen before” unfortunately doesn’t work in this situation. We’ll see what ends up happening.

If any of these artists aren’t for you (then I’d be questioning why you’re at the festival), Herobust is playing Perry’s from 4-5pm.

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– Kristin

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