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Tips and Tricks: Get Noticed At Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

Looking to meet Taylor Swift on the reputation tour this summer? Check out my tips and tricks on how to make your dreams reality.

Hi friends! Thanks for reading. If you clicked on this post, you’re probably looking for insights on how to get noticed at Taylor Swift’s reputation tour. If you know me at all, you probably already know that I met Taylor Swift on the 1989 World Tour in Chicago. I was picked out of the audience to meet her after the show!

In honor of the reputation tour kicking off in Arizona a couple days ago, I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and different than anything I’ve ever done – I created a podcast episode! This is VERY amateur – like, I recorded it on my phone – but you get the gist. I’ve been thinking about the potential of starting my own podcast and this is just a 30 minute or so story on how I met Taylor and my advice on how to get noticed to meet Taylor in the rep room after the show!

If you want to read the story on my experience meeting Taylor in Loft 89 – click here.

Below are a few bullet points on what I discussed in the podcast:

  • The origin of my costume for nights one and two at the 1989 Tour in Chicago – July 18 and 19, 2015
  • How I went about getting attention at the show in my costume (a play-by-play)
  • Overall tips and tricks on coming up with an idea for a costume and advice on how to not stress about it
  • The moment I met Andrea Swift when she offered me Loft 89

Again, I didn’t touch on my actual experience talking to Taylor in this audio clip. Click here to read about it.

Side-note: I did the BARE minimum in terms of trying to edit the audio in this podcast. Audio editing is far out of my realm of skills so if there’s weird clips here and there, just roll with it.

Below are some photos that I referenced in the podcast.

The photo I used on our outfits:












Thanks for listening and reading!
– Kristin

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