Karma’s A B*tch in Ruuth’s Remix of “Her” With bloody white

The theme of love in music is as sure as the air we breathe. Love is the common denominator for some of the greatest songs in all of history. Yet for each proclamation of love, you can bet there’s an anti-love anthem from someone whose relationship has gone sour. “Her” from Berlin-based Ruuth is one such an example.

Originally released in April as part of her 7-track “All My Friends” EP, Ruuth resurrected “Her” earlier this week with a guest verse from Santa Barbara-based bloody white. “Her” is a haunting song, with atmospheric, ghostly reverb, reminiscent of early Halsey, circa her Room 93 EP. The song’s shadowy production is top-notch, second only to Ruuth’s vocals, and is enough to put you in a trance—if it weren’t for bloody white’s abrupt appearance.

Image may contain: 1 personThe song, which is a remix identical to the original “Her” in every way with the exception of bloody white’s singular verse, is about a relationship that’s gone south. Written by Ruuth alongside Yann Lauren and KOLE (Nicole Haley), “Her” is about an unfaithful lover who has abused one’s trust by cheating with an unnamed her – and the cold, vengeful promise that karma will take matters into its own hands. The added verse from bloody white is a welcome one, and it nicely complements the tone of the song overall (“hate myself ‘cause I love you still, rest easy knowing karma kills”). Together, their message is clear: may there be no respite for the poor souls that have concealed their cheating ways.

What “Her” does well is that it’s unassuming and clear, yet dark and edgy. It’s short and to the point, and I guarantee you’ll find yourself singing along after only a few listens.

Ruuth is an up-and-coming artist in the U.S., but she’s already made a name for herself in Europe, having joined DONSKOY on his 2019 “Didn’t I Say So” tour across Germany. She’s racked up over 4 million career streams and has even found herself on the radio a time or two. To keep up with the latest news from Ruuth, follow her on Facebook.

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