New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday: The 5 Best Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 18

Welcome back our New Music Sunday series, where we curate our favorite tracks from the previous week. Hopefully this eclectic and diverse mix helps you through those Sunday Scaries.

Notable Album & EP Releases

Aisles, Angel Olsen
Infinite Granite, Deafheaven
Never Enough, Disclosure
City Slicker, Ginger Root
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, Jake Bugg
Solar Power, Lorde
Wish You Were Here, Niko Rubio
Woman on the Internet, Orla Gartland
The Shapes I’m In, Stephen Day 
interrobang, Switchfoot
Tripp at Knight, Trippie Redd
What Were You Hoping To Find?, Vistas

In chronological order:

“Flowers” – khai dreams 
Release Date – August 18

I was today-years-old when I discovered “intimate pop” artist khai dreams. The work of this Indie pioneer is genre bending, as he borrows influences from many genres including hip-hop, R&B, and surf rock. “Flowers” is one of those infectious, upbeat bedroom-pop beats that can and will lodge itself in your mind for the remainder of the day. The instrumentation blends effortlessly with the vocals, occasionally shifting pace and tempo. This is a track that you cannot pass up. Additionally, if you’re a fan of “Flowers”, you should absolutely keep up with khai dreams in the future.

“Sierra Nights” – Kevin Abstract ft. Ryan Beatty
Release Date – August 19

Fans of BROCKHAMPTON have permission to rejoice, as Kevin Abstract, one of the six lead vocalists of the hip-hop juggernaut, released his latest solo effort “Sierra Nights” this past Thursday. This slick and glossy track takes a step away from the general BROCKHAMPTON direction, embodying Abstract’s inner Dwn2Earth. Abstract, known for his bars on a wide variety of BROCKHAMPTON tracks, handles the verses while singer-songwriter Ryan Beatty covers the chorus. This effortless blend of talent bodes well for Abstract’s individual ear for music. Earlier this year, BROCKHAMPTON noted that their final studio album would release before the end of 2021. Perhaps BROCKHAMPTON fans can tide themselves over by following Abstract’s solo career.

“Kyoto: Bartees Strange Remix” – Phoebe Bridgers, Bartees Strange
Release Date – August 19

This collaboration rocked the collective Staged Haze universe. Not only had one of Phoebe Bridger’s hottest tracks received several remixes; one of those remixes came directly from alt rock producer-songwriter Bartees Strange. It was such a huge drop that Emma and Kristin had to notify Brittany immediately. Without a second to spare, they dropped the link at the same exact time, asking if Brittany had manifested this collaboration. The other members of the team have never seen a more universal display of urgency and excitement. Staged Haze lore aside, this is a worthy rendition of Bridger’s original that has amassed more than 49 million streams on Spotify alone.

“PLN” – Kunzite, Ratatat
Release Date – August 20

The diamond of this week undoubtedly lies with Solar Power by Lorde (we had to name drop the release at least once), but it appears lightning may have struck twice. “PLN” is one of fourteen tracks from Kunzite’s latest release, VISUALS. Imagine everything you’ve come to love from Jungle or Parcels. Now amplify that sound by a thousand. This nearly hour-long journey transcends space, and if the listener closed their eyes, they would be able to imagine the visuals Kunzite puts on display (or fans can cheat and search the visuals on YouTube). Some of the instrumentation is reminiscent of early Kevin Parker / King Gizzard, but the project as a whole has a clearly defined identity. This project is easily among my personal top five for 2021. Allow “PLN” to draw you in, then turn on VISUALS and stare at the ceiling. You will not regret it.

“Things That I’ve Learned” – Orla Gartland
Release Date – August 20

Did I say lightning struck twice? Make it three times. Emma notified the team about Orla Gartland’s debut album Woman on the Internet and needless to say; we were hooked. Gartland draws many similarities to Fiona Apple while adding her own, individual and spunky twist to each of the eleven tracks on this album. Other notable influences include traces of Maggie Rogers and Sara Bareilles. Regardless, Gartland drew a well-defined line in the sand, telling the world that she’s here for the long haul. Admittedly, her work blew me away and may also sneak onto my year-end list. Give Gartland the love she deserves.

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