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The Five Best Songs Released This Past Week, Part 31

Welcome back to our weekly roundup. This week, our post is dedicated to some major up-and-coming talent. We’re confident these tracks will get your blood pumping.

Noteworthy Album & EP Releases

30, Adele
Everything, Blankenberge
(An Overview On) An Overview On Phenomenal Nature, Cassandra Jenkins
Actual Life 2, fred again..
homies begged, Isaiah Rashad
Spirals, Rezz
Flight Risk, Tommy Lefroy

“Different” – Blankenberge
Released November 14Blankenberge is my new shoegaze dreamscape obsession. “Different” appears on the band’s third album Everything and hits exactly as advertised—so different that it becomes everything. The nine-track album keeps you on your toes and will surely have you wiggling in your desk chair at work or vibing out as you clean your residence. The beats are simply electric, and the airy and seemingly incoherent lyrics add to the dreamy feel of this rocker. Hype playlist protocol, stat! 

“Strangers” – Dom Dolla, Mansionair
Released November 18

Dom Dolla calls upon Mansionair on his latest release “Strangers.” The duo blends BPM with lofty lyricism, leaving a true banger in wait. This track is destined to become an instant club classic. Dom Dolla is building a successful name for himself, following the success of recently released “Pump The Brakes” has amassed 12-million plays on Spotify. Dom Dolla is setting himself up to become a household name like David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Zedd. You need to give this track the ol’ college try. Learn these lyrics cause you’ll be hearing them often.

“Roze (Forgive)” – fred again..
Released November 19

Wait, haven’t we mentioned Fred before? Oh that’s right, he released Actual Life earlier this year. Well, here he is again with his second album Actual Life 2. The acclaimed British producer may have been the mastermind behind some of your favorite hits from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Halsey, Eminem, The xx, and more. He’s been around the block, so to speak, and is now actively channeling his energy into his own diary-esque dreamscape adventures. We have fallen in love with the sequel just as we have the prequel. Get ready to play these inspiring albums back-to-back as you unlock the depths of Fred’s psyche.

“Word Vomit” – Lozeak
Released November 19

Okay, so this song is a certified banger. Lozeak has blown up on TikTok and released her first track to Spotify this Friday. While I’m ignorant to the world of TikTok and lack any real understanding about the platform, I can agree that they got this one right. Lozeak deserves the hype. The grungy instrumentation exudes confidence and Lozeak’s vocals deserve repetition. This is more of a getting ready, bedroom pop track that many will effortlessly holler as Lozeak gains popularity. 

“Haunted House – Mckenna Grace
Released November 19

Our final recommendation of the week is “Haunted House” by Mckenna Grace. This, like Lozeak, is Grace’s first release. This song blends crescending bass with a powerful chorus that echoes: “A ghost never leaves / a haunted house.” The duality of the instrumentation and vocals on this track give me a copy-paste-singer-songwriter-meets-Fall-Out-Boy vibe. I’m not sure if that’s even possible, so you’ll definitely have to check it out for yourself. 

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