Conan Gray’s Touring Bassist MISTINE Drops Debut Single “Everett Park”

Pop rock songstress MISTINE is ready to hit the big stage, but before she does that, she’s taking a step back into Everett Park, a local park that serves as the basis for her nostalgia-laden, and catchy as hell new song “Everett Park,” which dropped today.

While this is one of her first singles, MISTINE is no new-comer to the music industry. The multi-talented musician has been the touring bassist for pop acts like Conan Gray, WiztheMC and Zeph for, well, a while now, but with “Everett Park,” MISTINE is breaking out on her own on the professional stage for the first time.

In “Everett Park,” MISTINE doesn’t just let her musicianship shine through, but also her evocative songwriting skills and smooth vocals. Like most good pop songs, “Everett Park” is MISTINE reminiscing on a past relationship, specifically one that began and ended in Everett Park in Los Angeles, certainly laying out a future pilgrimage spot for fans of the song. 

Rather than capturing an intense feeling on any side of the emotional spectrum, “Everett Park” is a fond remembrance of something that ended—a nostalgic look back versus an angry revenge track or a melancholic lament. 

MISTINE says herself that her music is made to be nostalgia-driven, good to listen to while driving, “right before sunset when the sky is just turning orange, with the windows down, and your hair is flowing in the breeze.”

“Everett Park” is out now and will be followed with a forthcoming 5-song EP.

Photo credit: Reese Brucker

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