Rising Viral Popstar Emei Gets Vulnerable in New Track, “Trust Issues”

Emei, a Chinese-American Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist, just released her newest single, “Trust Issues.” And judging from the title of this single, most listeners will undoubtedly be able to relate to the message behind this song.

You may have seen Emei on Chinese Idol, a Chinese singing competition, a few years ago or maybe you’ve heard her latest singles “Late to the Party,” which reached over 4 million streams on Spotify and hit a collective 9 million views on TikTok and Instagram Reels last year. Her most recent single, “That Girl,” is currently circling around on TikTok.

Growing up, Emei struggled with trusting others. The idea of independence was highly encouraged and projected onto her, as these were strongly held beliefs that her immigrant parents instilled in her. Because of this, Emei felt like she couldn’t trust others with her problems or ask others for help and instead had to figure out everything on her own. Now that Emei has grown up and learned a lesson or two in self-sufficiency, she has discovered just how much that ideology has created issues. And as you listen to the track, you’ll hear that “Trust Issues” shares the message that you cannot merely depend on yourself through life’s hardships.

But, there’s a little more to the story behind “Trust Issues”. Explaining how the song came to be, Emei states the idea came to her in a dream where she shaved her head. To Emei, losing her hair was symbolism for needing to “let go” of this belief of forced independence which resulted in her teaching herself that it’s okay to let people in and it’s okay to put your trust in others. 

“Trust Issues” is a short-lived track, but it’ll still make you wanna move around. The song starts with a few guitar riffs, quickly flowing into electronic beats, soft but hardy lyrics swiftly following behind. The song is soft-spoken and chilled, but still beatific with upbeat sounds. Though not an “angry” track, the way Emei writes her lyrics allows you to feel her exasperation and longing for wanting to put her old ways to rest in a way that’s not completely sober and melancholy.

Brutal honesty is brought to “Trust Issues” and real feelings and hardships are shared, but there’s still room to groove if needed.

“Trust Issues” is out now.

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