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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 69

We’ve got a LONG LIST of new releases you should check out!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:
age/sex/location, Ari Lennox
Rendezvous – EP, Jenevieve
Fun Machine: The Sequel, Lake Street Dive
Revealer, Madison Cunningham
My Boy, Marlon Williams
2007, Miya Folick
Melancholia, OSTON
Spirituals, Santigold
Like Neptune, Son Little
Natural Brown Prom Queen, Sudan Archives
When The Lights Go, Totally Enormous Distinct Dinosaurs

In chronological order:

“So Clear” – Hyd
Release date – September 8

This one’s for the hyperpop girlies! If you’re a fan of artists like Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX, or Romy, I guarantee you’ve found your new favorite artist in Hyd (after typing this sentence, I’ve realized that Hyd already released a single earlier this year co-written and produced by none other than Caroline Polachek, so it’s safe to say my comparison is pretty on the nose if you ask me).

Hyd, whose real name is Hayden Dunham, is dropping their debut album, Clearing, on November 11, via PC Music. “So Clear” is a taste of the new album, and was also co-written with the late SOPHIE and artist Easyfun. Several years ago, Hyd also released music under the moniker QT, a project that featured production from SOPHIE and A.G. Cook (most well-known for his work as Charli XCX’s Creative Director).

“IT’S YOU” – Max, keshi
Release date – September 9

Have you ever gone through a really dramatic and toxic relationship only to come out on the other end and realized what it’s actually like to be in a healthy relationship? Am I getting too personal? Anyway. It’s taken me many years of my life to realize that maybe, being anxious about someone you’re dating doesn’t always mean a good thing: and it’s not always healthy to be constantly worrying about what that one word meant in their text message or how often you’re allowed to communicate with them.

When you find the right person, it’s just easy. And that sentiment is what I love about pop/R&B musician Max’s new track, featuring Keshi. The beautiful thing about a collaboration is when both artists sound completely at home on the song, like it could have been each of their singles as solo artists. But like the saying goes, two is better than one!

“Be With You” – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Release date – September 9

Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom (yes, that’s his real name), aka the brains behind the indie electronic musician, hasn’t released a new album in ten years: until this past week! “Be With You” is apart of the 17-track album When The Lights Go, is a project that totally encompasses the last ten years of Higginbottom’s life as a musician, described as “a sort of apocalyptic panic meets depression with some beats” by Higginbottom himself.

I was surprised by Higginbottom’s history as a musician, considering many of the content I found on the internet about his music describes him more of a electronic producer more than a singer/songwriter: Wikipedia describes his sound as “future house.” But this album seems to take him more into the pop realm compared to what he’s released in the past, so I’m looking forward to diving into the album even more. TEED is set to embark on a tour starting in the UK next month and ending in Brooklyn.

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