19-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Dylan Dunn Gives Us One Last Taste of Summer with “SeaSick on the Ground”

Sadly, summer is over for most of us, but for those who still are gripping onto one last taste of the season, the perfect song just dropped with “SeaSick on the Ground” by Dylan Dunn: a mellowed-out, warmer version of what I would consider a summer hit to be.

As mentioned already, “SeaSick on the Ground” is quite unhurried. It is a slow jam, but still at a speed that won’t leave you bored. And although subtle, the melody and flow sends the signals your body needs in order to sway. And with the mention of getting “sea sick” throughout this single, it’s perfect for one last peaceful summer “hoo-rah.” The visuals of gently capering around a beach bonfire during golden hour were real with this one. 

Dunn, who was lucky enough to be raised in Nashville (also known as Music City), grew up with Dylan’s mother introducing him to influential rock classics like The Beatles, Queen, and Electric Light Orchestra. Dunn’s passion for music was well instilled beginning at a young age, as he was gifted his first guitar at just age nine.

As you listen to “SeaSick on the Ground,” an ample amount of soft bangs and crashes from percussion instruments are pronounced as they overtake the background with Dylan delivering the laid-back lyrics of the track. Dunn first got his first glimpse of stardom back in 2021 when he released his first EP Blue Like You, and now Dunn’s back for more and ready to give the people what they want. 

This single has been one of my favorites to review so far, which I found surprising merely because of the fact that I’m usually more into more uptempo pieces, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way Dunn pulled this single off. If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve caught myself humming this tune, I’d be rich by now. “SeaSick on the Ground” moves at a flowy pace that lingers around in your body and soul that’ll get you hooked. 

“SeaSick off the Ground” is out now.

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