Punk Trio Dream Wife Are Back And Out For Blood With New Single “Leech”

If you haven’t noticed that women have rarely been treated fairly in music scenes then you haven’t been paying attention. In Dream Wife’s newest single, “Leech,” out today, the London-based punk band powerfully calls out the double standards of power, seemingly in the music industry, but unfortunately, the song can be relevant to a whole host of scenarios.

In the new song, Dream Wife uses its spoken-word verses to address people in positions of power who abuse those positions to take advantage of others, especially in the verse “Do you hide behind your parents? Hide behind my youth? Hide behind my inexperience? My lack of judgment? Do you hide behind the position you hold? Do you hide behind the illusions of power? The perception of power? Just have some fucking empathy.”

The lengthy, gut-wrenching verses in “Leech” build to its anger-filled, explosive choruses in which singer Rakel Mjöll repeatedly wails “The leech is out for blood,” culminating in the line “They won’t stop, they won’t stop ‘til they get every drop.”

“Leech” is the band’s first piece of new material in two years, since releasing their second album with 2020’s So When You Gonna…, marking an exciting return for the punk band.

Dream Wife announced that there’s more to come from them in 2023, and it’s unclear if that means an album, more singles or a tour (or maybe all three?). While the anticipation is building for new recorded music by the band, it’s safe to say that it’s even higher for a tour in support of that music, as the band is renowned for their boisterous, ferocious live performances.

“Leech” is out now.

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