Elly Kace Releases New Hypnotic Single “Disappear” 

Brooklyn-based indie artist and opera singer, Elly Kace, just released her latest single titled “Disappear,” the first single released ahead of her upcoming album, Object Permanence

Kace’s new music is substantially different from her last release in 2021, a dance-pop album titled Nothing I see means anything. This new album is exploring ideas of new found creativity and dealing with grief, signifying the idea of those two segments coming together and ameliorating an album of rehabilitation with a more symbolic sound. 

Upon my first listen of “Disappear,” I was immediately put into a trance. Ella’s vocals are ethereally beautiful and clean, and the way she sings reminds me of the way a siren would, enchanting and alluring. It is exceptionally soporific, dreamy, and certainly hypnotizing. Throughout the song, there are wavering vocals and poetic lyrics closely followed by soft blasts of trumpets and captivating drum rhythms that create a psychedelic component.

All of these elements together tell the story of the importance of simply allowing yourself to “float away” in thought and realize those feelings of understanding, giving the listener a chance to explore how the melodies and lyrics connect. I felt like I was listening to a meditation that actually worked. 

When speaking about the origins of the anthem, Kace states, “Sometimes, when I meditate, my vision shifts and people melt into black and gold colors in my sight. ‘Disappear’ is my attempt to describe that experience with sound. We really wanted to keep a stark contrast between conscious reality – mostly heard in the verses – and the more meditative space where the melting of colors was happening, which is what you hear in the choruses.” 

“The more tactile parts of the song have clear instrumental lines and very specific rhythmic elements, and the choruses are purposefully melty in a way where the listener is expected to surrender some control and float with us a bit. When I am meditating, one part of my consciousness is very practical – saying “this doesn’t mean anything,” “I can’t know shit about shit,” “maybe it’s my imagination,” etc., and the other part of my consciousness is completely immersed in believing in the magic of what my eyes are experiencing.” 

Object Permanence is set to release on March 31, 2023.

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