“Secrecies” is A Preview of Producer Billy Lemos’ Diversified Sound on Upcoming EP

It’s not often that you listen to an EP or LP and every single song sounds different from the others that it has been compiled with. Sure, some artists are a bit adventurous and like to experiment with different sounds on their releases, but none more so than LA-based, Iowa-born producer Billy Lemos, who’s releasing his third EP, Control Freak, in February.

The lead single off the EP, “Secrecies,” dropped today and features Sam Austins, a genre-blending alternative artist whose latest release was 2021’s “Homeless Star.”

“Secrecies” is a track that was recorded in just a few sessions, and manages to capture that in the song without sounding too rushed or underdone. Lemos’ production and Austins’ vocals bring a raw immediacy to the track that might not be there if it was overworked.

Most of Lemos’ work tends to effortlessly blend punk, indie, R&B and hip-hop influences into a unique sound, but “Secrecies” tends to be more on the guitar-heavy, punk-influenced side.

Each song on the upcoming EP will feature a new up-and-coming artist, as Lemos takes great pride in his uncanny ability to pick up on burgeoning talent (songs will feature artists like spill tab and Dua Saleh, to name a few). Lemos’ music is a confluence of inspirations that somehow go together surprisingly well, and “Secrecies” is no exception to that: but it also simultaneously marks a clear distinction from his previous work on Wonder.

“Control Freak” will be Lemos’ first multi-track release since 2020’s Wonder, an album which featured the likes of musicians Danny Dwyer, Still Woozy and Lava La Rue.

“Secrecies” is out now.

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