Julian Rose and Caroline Romano Combine Forces on “Fighting A War”

There’s always two sides to every fight, and on their new single “Fighting A War,” LA-based artist Julian Rose and Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano took that literally. 

After the two singers met up in Los Angeles, Rose wrote the chorus and they separated to write the song’s verses, afterwards realizing that although they’re from two different perspectives about a broken relationship, they seemed to meld together perfectly.

The vocals in “Fighting A War” prove that opposites attract, as Rose and Romano alternate on singing duties throughout the song. Rose’s R&B-tinged, raspy vocals switch off with Romano’s effortlessly smooth and light voice seamlessly throughout the song’s chorus and verses.

This song marks the first collaboration between Rose and Romano. Rose’s debut EP How Deep was released in 2022. Romano previously released her debut album Oddities and Prodigies, with the single “Chopstix” in 2022 as well.

“Fighting A War” is out now.

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