ROSIE Embraces Big Pop Sounds on New Single “Startover”

For a lot of musicians, a sophomore release can be a chance to show a new side of themselves. Whether they’re shying away from the image they created on their debut, or delving even deeper into it and showcasing sides of themselves that haven’t been exposed before, sophomore releases are where artists get really interesting in how they choose to branch out and start afresh.

That’s what New York-based singer and songwriter ROSIE is doing on “Startover,” which drops today. The new single is more upbeat and embraces big pop sounds more than ROSIE’s previous melancholy songs like the piano-driven viral “Never the 1.”

Of course “Startover” isn’t about a career start over, instead it’s about hitting the re-do button on a failing relationship, but the metaphor isn’t lost on me. 

The song is a heartbreaking, regretful look back at something that’s clearly not working, as ROSIE sings “Can we start over? Maybe letting go is how we get closer.”

The song is youthful in its hopefulness, as I, as an elder pop fan, noticed that halfway through the song I was thinking “Dump them! It’s not worth it.” But it’s also youthful in its energy, it’s a ballad that you can dance to — arguably the most fun type of music. With “Startover,” it’s exciting to think of where ROSIE will head on this next career turn.

“Startover” is ROSIE’s first song off of an upcoming EP, whose title has yet to be released, which will be released later this spring. It will serve as the follow up to 2021’s debut EP, 20mg of Happiness.

“Startover” is out now.

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