Deb Never Ends An Era With EP Thank You For Attending

Deb Never‘s genre-bending EP Thank You For Attending dropped last week and is already in constant rotation for me. It truly has a slice of every genre from track one to track six. 

Deb Never, a Los Angeles-based artist, is known for blending genres in her music, and on this EP, it is more apparent than ever that she is the absolute best at what she does. Never’s roots started in the local grunge scene of her pacific northwest hometown in Washington state, and these influences, combined with the polished sounds of bedroom pop she invents distinct soundscapes that could capture anyone’s attention. 

The EP opens with the leading single “Momentary Sweetheart,” a track that brings forth massive energy, featuring grinding guitar riffs and echoing melodies, filled to the brim with angst. This sets the scene for what is to come as the EP continues with similar energy in “5 O’Clock.” This song is like a punch to the gut in the absolute best way, setting the scene for a fast-paced night of mistakes and impulsion and speaks to the cinematic aspect of the EP. 

After this track, the EP begins to play out like a short film. A narrative begins to build between Never and the possible love interest. “Say” opens up with a more subtle instrumental, contributing to a comedown from the prior track, while “Open Season” builds the tension a bit more with its romantic lyrics and charming use of 808s seemingly hidden in the underlayer.

Never then does the unexpected by utilizing a vocoder to distort her vocals on the track “Mania & Bliss” Here is where the ultimate power of Never’s Talent is introduced. The hyper-pop single is electric, shocking your system for a sweet, short two minutes before catapulting into the simple yet poignant closing track, “Paper Houses.” The entire EP is incredibly visual, telling a powerful story of love, loss, and character development in a short six-song tracklist. 

Thank You For Attending as a title is a blatant thank you to fans but the EP is more than that; it is the end of an era. This EP is ushering Never into new ground closing the chapter of short EPs and opening up doors for longer artistic works. 

“THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING is my final act and close out statement to EPs as I move onto an album” says Never in a press release. “I’ve made so many fans and had such great support, I thank you for sticking with me on this journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved working on it.”

THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING is out now and Deb Never has a handful of headlining shows in the US and the UK later this year

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