Caroline Romano Reminisces On The Past With New Single “Mississippi Air”

Leaving home is something most people do at some point in their life. It’s needed to learn and experience life for the better and allows you to get out of your own comfort zone. But there’s always that sense of longing to return back to your sacred area that still lingers with you wherever you go. And with summer right around the corner, 21-year-old, Nashville-based, indie-rock artist Caroline Romano sucks you right back into that feeling with her new feel-good yet slightly sorrowful song you can jam to while traveling back home for the summer. 

“Mississippi Air” tells the tale of leaving your hometown straight from Caroline’s own perspective. Right off the bat, Caroline gives you imagery of some of her favorite memories from growing up in Mississippi. Her lyrics along with the tune of subtle guitar chords begin with talking about driving her brother’s truck and how the wind felt during that moment, giving you a clear picture on what she was experiencing and how “home” makes her feel. More memories of what the weather was like and conversations with people she grew up with are sprinkled into the piece, adding more imagery to the track. She then goes into describing the idea of thinking things don’t change, but they always tend to eventually. “And I don’t miss you in the city but I miss you when I’m here.“ 

As you listen to the track, you begin to put the puzzle pieces together about the true message that’s being shared. “I drive home sometimes just to feel like that, just to bring me back. And I swear to the Mississippi Air I can breathe again, until I leave again.” It’s the fact that even if you leave where you grew up, it never really stops being home.

Leaving behind loved ones and the memories you made during that period of growing up is hard, but there’s always new memories to be made. Even though the message seems a little somber, it’s really an optimistic and heartfelt ballad filled with sanguine guitar and rhythmic drum beats that will leave you feeling hopeful.

Mississippi Air” is out now.

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