Chicago’s Own The Walters Are Back with new Single “Stuck In My Ways”

After a year of silence (because their holiday song, “Another Christmas,” doesn’t count), The Walters are back with a groovy new single titled “Stuck In My Ways,” which dropped today. Stepping away from the acoustic, slightly folky sound that they’ve held close for almost ten years and that made them go mega viral online with “I Love You So” from 2014, Chicago’s own indie pop band decided to give synthesizers a try. 

Although “Stuck In My Ways” still keeps the band’s signature old-school element and magic, the song is setting a precedent for The Walters, as they take a new approach for what we’re guessing will be a new EP or even album coming out (hopefully) sooner than later.

“I’ve been making all these plans, trying to make you understand. But you just wanna walk away, and leave it for another day” sings lead vocalist Luke Olson, subtly calling out the person that seems to be asking for them to change, who is also not even trying to find some middle ground. We’re all obviously stuck in our ways sometimes, we have quirks and defects that make us who we are, and we can apologize about them all day, but if the other person is not willing to see at least where we’re coming from, then it’s a dead end.

But the coolest part about this song being kind of odd and having an unexpected sound, is that The Walters had a major blow up on TikTok not that long ago—sorry, TikTok again, (trust me, I know)—which is actually what got them back together as a band (they broke up in 2017), but this single is completely different.

And although their comeback did include the EP Try Again, they now (most likely thanks to that sweet sweet record label money they got from that way overdue blow up) got the chance to go a completely different route, which they surely took.

And to be fair, they still could’ve gone for a similar sound, closer to the style of their previous releases, and it might have had the same effect among casual listeners, but they didn’t. 

Stuck In My Ways” is out now. 

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