“High in Brighton” Is The Vibrant Introduction To UK Band FIZZ

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if four talented solo artists, who happen to also be best friends, came together to form a band with the sole intention of having as much fun as possible? I haven’t either, but I know now that it would sound like the world spinning at twice the speed, harmonies launching me into an alternate reality, and sweet, toasty, blind optimism. 

FIZZ shares their breakout single today, “High In Brighton,” unveiling new sides of the band’s four members, Orla Gartland, Dodie, Greta Isaac, and Martin Luke Brown. The high-tempo pop song offers glistening harmonies and strikingly cohesive production, somehow mashing a clarinet solo and western guitar licks into a savory number.

It’s an idyllic single that is concentrated and sharp, leaving no space to think about responsibilities, or the degradation of the planet, or spiteful heartbreakers for just under three minutes. The bridge is the closest we get to winding down. It lasts for just a moment as Dodie graces us with her soft, distinct voice, only to elevate again, this time in a key higher than before! A key change; what a classic element of fun music! 

If “High in Brighton” offers a glimpse of what’s to come from FIZZ, we can likely expect a continued theme of clever escapism. “Fuck it, I’m leaving, I’m out of here. I got a one way ticket to heaven.” They’re running off to the beach-side city and away from the realities of the daily grind. Together, the band is setting aside a space to rid themselves of the conventions they’ve grown familiar with as solo artists.

I was saying last week that nobody’s doing it like The Beach Boys anymore, and along comes FIZZ. Obviously, they’re different in many ways, but the psychedelic influences and maximalist production choices are worth the comparison. There’s a gap in friendship-centric pop music and FIZZ is here to fill it. 

“High in Brighton” is just the beginning of FIZZ. Their debut album, The Secret To Life, is set to release September 15 on Decca Records. While we wait, I’ll be looping “High in Brighton” on my way to the beach all summer long.

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