Charly Bliss Revel in Heartbreak in New Single “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore”

Breaking up can be hard to do, and there’s no lack of singles and albums about broken hearts. But while a lot of songs focus on the heartbreak of a ruined relationship, few mention the joy of moving on from one. Charly Bliss’ latest single, “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore,” which dropped today, is a celebratory look at when you realize you have fully moved on from the person that broke your heart.

The new single is Charly Bliss’ first release since the release of their critically acclaimed second LP, Young Enough, and the subsequent EP Supermoon, in 2019.

The track, which was produced by St. Paul, Minnesota-based producer Caleb Wright alongside Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus, is a bouncy, playful and heartwarming burst of fun, just in time to become a great summer bop.

Of course a relationship ending can be a brutal and heartbreaking affair. The band addresses this as Charly Bliss’ vocalist and rhythm guitar player Eva Hendricks sings “Cried at your door for ages, our neighbors called the cops. Changing locks, numbers blocked, oh god, please make it stop,” sings in the song’s opening verse. 

And while it’s an emotional journey to go through the heartbreak, the song is ultimately about the absolute feeling of joy once you realize that you’ve moved past it.

“You wanna talk and talk it over when you see me around, but I don’t think it’s worth it, I feel almost perfect. You don’t even know me anymore,” Hendricks sings near the close of the band’s single.

Charly Bliss also released an extremely fun, lo-fi music video to go along with the new single. The video sees the band singing in front of green screens, and also features clips of the band traveling throughout the world, in the recording studio and montages of Charly Bliss’ members trying on clothes. It’s reminiscent of those 365-second-long videos of a person’s entire year, filled with one-second clips from the absolute highlights each day. It’s a joyous video that exudes happiness and excitement. The video is absolutely fitting for the single “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore.”

Fans can catch Charly Bliss live this summer, although the indie pop group only has one date announced. The band is playing Chicago’s Salt Shed later this summer alongside Beach Bunny, The Beths and Elita.

Listen to “You Don’t Know Me Anymore” here.

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