Caity Krone Reflects on the Sting of Childhood Frenemies with New Single “Villain” 

Independent singer-songwriter Caity Krone is no stranger to creating art. Aside from the release of new single, “Villain,” the first in three years, Krone also works as an analogue music photographer and has collaborated with the likes of many Staged Haze household names like Wet Leg, Lizzy McAlpine, and Tommy Lefroy. 

On “Villain,” Krone tells the story about the highs and lows of female friendship and how adolescent experiences surrounding it can leave a lasting impact, good or bad, or more commonly, somewhere in the middle. 

Krone successfully uses intimate lyrics and lush, ethereal production to describe universal moments: the song can be interpreted in all sorts of ways about how other people’s behavior can negatively affect our mental health (“Does your brow still go down when you’re jealous and say something mean?” “This bitterness is so strong, don’t care if you changed”). 

She discussed the inspiration of the track in a press release: “I wrote the song about a frenemy I had growing up – we were school friends from kindergarten until I turned twenty, and how the way we treated each other has affected the way I view myself as an adult, and how those core memories have contributed to my most lasting insecurities.”

“Villain” was written with Amina Khan and Connor Vance and produced by Jack Kleinick, who has worked with artists like grantperez and Groupthink. It’s also accompanied by a lyric video directed by Genevieve Andrews:

Villain” is out now and Krone is set to play a show with Cece Coakely in Los Angeles tomorrow.

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