On Debut EP ‘GOING…GOING…GONE,’ Hemlocke Springs Takes Bedroom Pop for a Night Out on the Town

It’s been just over a year since Isimeme Udu, AKA Hemlocke Springs, unleashed her Garage Band-produced hit “girlfriend” upon the world, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary. Drawing inspiration from electronic music titans like Calvin Harris and Tiesto, Udu quickly catapulted into the spotlight with what Rolling Stone aptly described as her “awkward black girl anthem” in a November 2022 interview.

But Udu is not just a one-hit wonder. In parallel with her burgeoning music career, she’s been diligently pursuing a master’s degree at Dartmouth College, showcasing her commitment to both art and education. However, it’s her musical endeavors that have truly set the stage for something special. With this project, she is firmly cementing herself in the indie pop space. Her music feels reminiscent of the late ’80s and early ’90s, with rock motifs and vocals that feel similar to Kate Bush and The Cure.  

On EP GOING…GOING…GONE!, Udu has teamed up with the accomplished producer Burns, renowned for his work with music icons such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Pitbull. This strategic collaboration underscores Udu’s astute decision-making, as it complements her existing talent with the wealth of experience Burns brings to the table. The EP consists of seven captivating tracks. It kicks off with 2022’s “gimme all ur luv” and “girlfriend,” setting the stage with an electrifying start.

Next up is “heavun,” which instantly evokes the feeling of being in a training montage and could easily be mistaken for a Grimes track. Then we have “enknee1,” Udu’s latest single, which poses the timeless question, “Is there anyone out there to love me?” It’s quintessential Udu—hitting you with unfiltered honesty while compelling you to dance as if your bedroom were a dance floor. 

The previously unreleased track “‘pos” starts with a straightforward drumbeat and a cowbell, maintaining the infectious dance energy while sprinkling in clever self-deprecating humor. ‘The train going nowhere’ propels forward with a momentum perfect for a nighttime jog, keeping the energy flowing. Finally, the title track of the EP wraps everything up with a gritty bassline and an endearing melody, delivering a satisfying sense of fulfillment and closure.

GOING…GOING…GONE is out now.

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