gglum Abandons Melancholy on New Single “Easy Fun”

On her new single, “Easy Fun,” singer-songwriter gglum was looking to do something different. Most notably, she was looking to make a song that was fun. gglum is the stage name for London-based singer Ella Smoker, who broke out virtually in 2020, with the song “Why Don’t I Care.” But it’s not just a stage name— gglum summarizes the emotions that Smoker, not unlike many other teenagers and young adults, has felt, and captured in her music for the past three years.

Since releasing “Why Don’t I Care,” the 21-year-old singer has released two albums, including 2022’s “Weak Teeth,” and a surprising amount of singles for someone who has only been releasing music for three years.

“Easy Fun” bucks the singer’s trend of writing pop-infused melancholy rock tracks—the song is brimming with intrigue and excitement, among its slight industrial influences. The track, which was co-written with DJ and fellow Brit Karma Kid, wouldn’t feel out of place in a fun spy movie.

The single, which dropped today, is gglum’s second single released this year, following the news that the singer was signing to Secretly Canadian. gglum’s prior single, “SPLAT!,” is a heart-filled rousing song that captures the intensity of teenage desire.

The song is accompanied by a trippy music video, that flip flops between scenes of Smoker’s distorted face singing along to “Easy Fun,” Blair Witch-esque shots of feet running through a forest and a contrasting hazy view of a bus ride through bustling nighttime London. The video is off putting and enticing at the same time, perfectly fitting for a mystifying and exciting song like “Easy Fun.”

Smoker doesn’t have many upcoming live dates, but if fans want to check the singer out, she’s playing at The George Tavern in her home city, London, on Nov. 22.

Easy Fun” is out now.

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