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Nightly Lights up NYC With Two Nights of ‘Wear Your Heart Out’ Tour

Nightly, the alternative-pop sensation, graced the Racket stage in NYC last week. The 650-capacity venue, situated in Chelsea next to a Western Beef Supermarket, provided the perfect setting for showcasing their newest album, Wear Your Heart Out.

The night’s lineup also featured the impressive performances of Knox and Young Rising Sons, making for an unforgettable evening. Hailing from Nashville, Nightly, an alt-pop trio, crafted their sophomore album with the live experience in mind, and it has already amassed an impressive four million streams.

Kicking off the evening was the New Jersey trio Young Rising Sons, known for their 2014 breakthrough single “High.” Lead singer Andy Tongren, sporting a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, amped up the crowd with hit singles like “Thank You,” “Tomorrow,” and “I.C.D.R.N.” released earlier this year.

Following this dynamic performance, singer-songwriter Knox, originally from Dayton, Ohio, took the stage. Having abandoned college in pursuit of his guitar prowess, Knox has since become a prolific songwriter, toured with The Band Camino & Boys like Girls, and earned a remarkable 30 million streams for his song “Sneakers.” His enthusiasm was contagious as he showcased tracks from his recent EP, I’m So Good at Being Alone? Ending on a high note, the crowd joined in a sing-along to his popular song “Not the 1975,” ranking just below “Sneakers” in popularity.

Prior to their own set, Nightly took a moment to highlight their partnership with Charity Water, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean and safe water worldwide—an initiative not commonly undertaken by many bands. The stage was artfully adorned with a phone booth and park bench setting the scene for a visually engaging performance.

The night kicked off with the titular track “Wear Your Heart Out” before the band treated the audience to nearly all the songs from their latest album. A quick change in appearance saw lead singer Jonathan Capeci donning alien-like sunglasses, adding a playful touch to the electric evening that marked the beginning of their two-night stint in NYC.

The collaborative spirit continued as Knox returned to join Nightly on stage for their joint performance of “Miss When You Missed Me,” while drummer Nick Sainato took center stage to lend his vocals to “Whisky Pt. 2” and showcase his guitar skills.

It was an unforgettable Wednesday night in Chelsea, filled with a blend of upbeat and sentimental indie rock tunes that prompted cathartic screams from an enthralled audience.

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