Local Indie Rock Sensation Hotbed Are The Kings of Dewey Beach

Four short years ago, the self-proclaimed “sandy psych rock” quartet Hotbed splashed onto the scene and haven’t looked back. The Delaware natives, comprised of Jimmy Mckenney, Jon Diehl, Kevin Kruelle and Jake Wipf, are lifelong friends who have found musical inspiration from multiple genres, including classic rock and reggae. The emerging talent has seen substantial growth since their first show at local-eatery Homegrown on Main Street back in ‘16, having recently sold out the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Hotbed has begun to prove themselves as the next up-and-coming indie rock mainstay. At the time of this article’s inception, Hotbed currently holds the attention of 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify after recently adding “Hesitate” to their now 15-track-deep discography. Mckenney has spoken out saying their sound is ever evolving, and that the band strives to add a fresh twist after each release (Hotbed Interview, The Queue Mag). Mckenney also goes on to mention that their sound emerges naturally and organically. The band’s deep-rooted friendship shines bright throughout their music, paving the way for a sustainable and exciting future. 

Hotbed’s blend of rhythmic keyboard strokes and lofty drums takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, mirroring the tempo of reggae-rock juggernaut Sublime. The groups’ harmonious lyrics embody the equally airy and psychedelic influences of boy pablo and Slightly Stoopid.

Hotbed’s particularly noteworthy tracks include the initially somber “7 Years”, the fun and vibrant “Diddly Doo”, and one of the groups’ most recent releases, “Sweet Nothing,” which hit streaming platforms in August of 2020. 

Now based in the musical heartland of Philadelphia, Hotbed aims to expand its fanbase even further and take their sound to the next level. Each member acknowledges how vital their creativity is to the curation of perky lyrics and fresh tones.

Hotbed’s discography is mellow and approachable: perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the new age of the ever-expansive genre of indie rock. From lengthy highway drives to kicking it back on the beach, this up-and-coming sensation embodies chill and sensational vibes. 

Haven’t heard of Hotbed? Check out their website to learn more about these lifelong friends and to  listen to their growing discography.

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