Wichita Artist Evann McIntosh’s New Single “NOBODY ELSE” Grapples with Gender Identity and Self-Expression

When a seventeen-year-old Midwest artist gets dubbed as “an artist to watch” by major media publications, you know it’s time to take note. That’s what we decided to do when we heard Evann McIntosh’s new track “NOBODY ELSE,” a song that speaks well beyond McIntosh’s young life thus far. McIntosh’s debut album MOJO has racked up over 31 million streams on Spotify alone, with “What Dreams Are Made Of” (16 million) leading the pack. 

With a successful debut album under their belt, McIntosh continues sharing their perspective on what it’s like to grow up during a tumultuous time in our society, reminiscent of some fan favorites like Lorde and of course, Taylor Swift. However, their sound stands alone on its own. This subject in music that can be easily taken as trite, but McIntosh’s songwriting style brings new life to the concept.

McIntosh’s style is described as “a dreamlike take on alternative R&B” on McIntosh’s Spotify Biography, a style that “NOBODY ELSE” continues building on while introducing more pop sounds, groovy melodies, and vocals that compete with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Tori Kelly (weird combination, I know. Anyone else with a good comparison? Hit me up). 

McIntosh talks about the song as one that explores “the pure and freeing excitement of being in a monogamous relationship, the idea of there being one person for everybody, and you’ve found yours.” 

“NOBODY ELSE” comes ahead of McIntosh’s new 13-song project, Character Development, scheduled to drop on August 27 via Mom + Pop Music (Beach Bunny, Porter Robinson, Sunflower Bean). Character Development is an album that grapples with growth, sexuality, freedom, described as “a work of pure intimacy, a poignant and revealing portrait of modern adolescence.” Find out more on Evan McIntosh here and stream “NOBODY ELSE” on your preferred streaming platform.

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