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New Music Sunday: The Best 5 Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 11

Happy Fourth of July to all of our American readers! Hopefully you’re enjoying the long weekend and have some time to check out our new music roundup. 

Noteworthy albums & EP releases:
Our Beautiful Little World, Izzy True
Pink Noise, Laura Mvula

In chronological order:

“Daddy’s Coming Home” – BabyJake
Release date – June 30 

It’s pretty wild that just a couple days ago I did a write-up on another Southwest Florida rising artist (you can check it out here) before realizing that BabyJake is too from Ft. Meyers, Florida, further solidifying how much talent is coming out of that city in the industry right now. I have no idea how to describe BabyJake’s sound on this track, but I do know for certain that it sounds like it could have been a huge hit in the late ‘70s and early ‘80, in the same vein of artists like Cage the Elephant and Briston Maroney. The song comes ahead of BabyJake’s debut at BottleRock Napa Valley this September. 

“Psycho” – Maisie Peters
Release date – July 1

I think I’ve only heard a handful of Maisie Peters’ songs, and the ones I have heard are all pretty lowkey and sad. When a friend sent me her new song via Twitter DM, I was very intrigued. Considering the title of the song, I figured it had a more upbeat vibe. I was right! Not only is the track co-written by Ed Sheeran, who apparently just signed Peters to his record label, but the song is a lot more fun and vibrant than the music I have heard by her in the past. It’s definitely a breakup anthem, and since Sheeran has penned quite a lot of those, I’m not all too surprised that he had his hand in this one, too. Peters’ voice is different from any other commercially successful pop star out there right now, so I’m curious to see if this track can catapult her into the spotlight. Peters’ debut album You Signed Up For This is out on August 27. 

“Renegade” (Ft. Taylor Swift) – Big Red Machine
Release date – July 2

If you didn’t anticipate me including this song in our roundup this week, you haven’t been paying attention! All I can say is HOLY SHIT. This song completely ruined me. For whatever reason, I didn’t know what to expect when I saw this song announcement, and even though it’s been rumored heavily for many months that Taylor was going to drop a collab with Big Red Machine (the band with Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver), I still wasn’t quite anticipating a song that is like a 90% TS song and a 10% BRM song. You can certainly hear their influence in it a lot, but the entire track is song by Swift (Vernon has some backup vocals), and I was expecting more of a duet or one featured verse by her. I absolutely love this song and I think Taylor Should be making music that sounds like this forever. The rest of BRM’s new album drops on August 27. 

“Magical” – Laura Mvula
Release date – July 2 

I discovered Laura Mvula’s music earlier this year and have been looking forward to her album release for a while, which dropped this past week. I’ve loved every song I’ve heard of hers so far, and I think she deserves to be a lot bigger than she currently is. If you could combine Adele with Carly Rae Jepsen with Janelle Monáe, you get Laura Mvula. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

“FMRN” – Lilyisthatyou

Release date – July 2 

I like this song enough, but I found it to be CRUCIAL to add to this playlist because I’m convinced this artist is going to explode in the next year. This is Lilyisthatyou’s first release, but she ended up 28th on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist after having ZERO monthly listeners. Literally, zero. I have never seen this on any musician’s profile, ever. Which leads me to assume that this artist is about to have a huge break or just got a very big record deal. The song is catchy enough, but she does sound exactly like Willow (Smith), so I’m very curious to see what she does to set herself apart. 

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