Mike Taveira teams up with Allie X in new single “Sex for Breakfast” ahead of upcoming debut EP 

We’ve all been there. You’re really into someone. They’re really into you. But neither of you want to admit it. Well, maybe not all of us have been there. If you don’t relate to that, I’m jealous. 

Rising queer pop artist Mike Taveira explores that unfortunate yet nearly universal experience in today’s dating scene with new single “Sex for Breakfast” — and it’s so good, it makes the chase sound fun. 

“How the fuck can we be friends if all we want to do is / Fuck it if it happens we already do it” 

The clever lyrical wordplay is only part of what makes this song so catchy. Its 80s new-wave sound is accompanied by infectious synths. It’s the perfect track for a late night drive—perhaps to see the person that the song makes you think about. 

Allie X’s ethereal vocals come in midway through the song—and only add to the dreamy feeling created by the synths. Her feature on the track is short but sweet, but compliments Taveira’s vocals perfectly.

Taveira found inspiration for the track after an “intense morning” with a man he was seeing. “We were essentially dating but kept pretending it was a fling,” he said in a press release. “We ended up in this almost masochistic cat-and-mouse game, knowing we were so right together but both being too uncomfortable to admit it.”

“Sex for Breakfast” comes ahead of Taveira’s debut EP “Cut Velvet” set for release in early 2022. 

Stream it on your preferred platform here.

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