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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 56

Sean here with *channels inner DJ Khalid* anotha one.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Shaking Hands With Elvis, Allison Ponthier
Proof, BTS
Gold Rush Kid, George Ezra
Janky Star, Grace Ives
play it pretty, HETHER
19 MASTERS, Saya Gray
CTRL (Deluxe), SZA
In Our Own Sweet Time, Vance Joy
Island of the Sun, Winona Oak
off the grid, Yot Club

In chronological order:

“Letting Me Go” – Phantoms
Release Date – June 9

Phantoms are definitely scheming up something good, as “Letting Me Go” clocks in as the band’s fourth teaser track of 2022. This lo-fi chiller calls upon familiar basswaves and bumpy beats–commonplace for the trance-electronic ensemble. The lyrical airiness transcends the finely-tuned and tight beats, making for another boon for Phantoms. Looking forward to what else this DJ duo can launch this year. 

“So Good” – Halsey
Release Date – June 9

Halsey’s forward momentum knows no bounds. After her chart-topping performances on If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power proved lyrically and instrumentally deep, Halsey returns with “So Good”–her latest single that is sure to slingshot itself onto the airwaves this summer. Halsey finds herself amidst a tug-of-war in her own mind, where she bellows, “I know it’s bad / But we could be so good.” The music video for this track proves particularly interesting because a far-off voice commands Halsey, “alright, we’re ready to go again,” suggesting she’s been here before and the loop never ends.

“These Are The Days” – Inhaler
Release Date – June 9

I featured this indie-rock quartet on my year end list back in 2021. Their latest track “These Are The Days” holds onto the tried-and-true formula I’ve come to love from Inhaler. The instrumentation is bassy-yet-airy and Elijah Hewson’s lyricism is as strong as ever. The message of this track radiates positivity and assurance, great for the nearing summer months that are sure to be packed with great times and even greater memories.

“Be Here Now” – Judah and the Lion
Release Date – June 10

The beginning of “Be Here Now” urges me to time travel back to the 80s, primarily because of the synth that floats in and out of this track. Piano chords and a soft guitar riff egg the listener to reach the chorus, which is nothing short of outstanding. It’s bombastic, clean, and hard to walk away from, as Akers and Macdonald’s voices become nearly trancelike. This group is sure to be a hit for fans of Mumford and Sons.

“No Feeling is Forever” – Ruby Red
Release Date – June 10

I’ve featured Ruby Red earlier this year and mentioned that I was looking forward to their future work, and boy, did they deliver. “No Feeling Is Forever” appears on Ruby Red’s latest EP Saboteur which was released on June 10. The duo proves that they haven’t put themselves into a box or adopted a rigid formula. This track is similar to Phantoms in design but is uniquely Ruby Red. The electronica mixes effortlessly with the other instruments, giving this piece a refreshing and vibrant energy. This is an excellent entry point for Ruby Red, and I personally hope this project launches their collective career.

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