Dayglow’s Third Album People In Motion Is Packed With Joy, Love and Fun

Lately, Dayglow has become known for their live shows. The events are bursting with life, joy and most importantly, fun. Thankfully, the same can also be said for its recorded music, including its most recent release, People in Motion. The album, which was written, played and produced entirely by musician and Texas native Sloan Struble. This album serves as Struble’s third under the name Dayglow, which drops tomorrow.

People in Motion kicks off with opening track “Second Nature,” a song I dare anyone with a beating heart not to at least tap a toe to. It’s an irresistibly fun dance pop track that’s understandably about falling in love. The up tempo, danceable synth parts are accompanied by lyrics like “This isn’t second nature love, It’s the first thing that comes to my being, And I feel it like I feel it now because, It’s the rhythm that keeps on repeating, it’s on and on.”

“Second Nature” is as fun as the concept of falling in love, so the musicality of the song is a perfect match for its lyrical content. It’s a song that could easily be a ballad, and I’m glad Struble made the decision to turn it into an exceedingly bouncy, fun track instead. It’s also a song that’s nearly six minutes long, and it’s such a fun time that there’s no point where it feels like it’s lagging, which is quite a feat.

The album’s second track, “Radio,” chronicles the a different aspect of love for the
musician—his unending love of music, and how it serves as a distraction from the rest of the world. Struble anxiously sings “On the radio, just listen to music, Don’t need some radio, just gotta get yourself home, When the world keeps spinning forever on.”

“Then It All Goes Away,” is the album’s first single, released earlier this year, and is similarly an effervescent burst of energy from the musician. One of the album’s highlights is its closing track, “Talking to Light.” The song emanates
warmth in lyrics like “You know me like a color, you take me into the light” and “You hold me like a mother.” It’s rare that a song can compare a non-maternal figure to a mother in a song and not have it come off a little creepy and cringey, but Dayglow accomplishes that, and so much more in this album. Instead it’s cute and sweet, just like the experience of listening to People in Motion.

People in Motion is a collection of some of the most fun songs that I’ve
heard this year, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any depth to the album. Struble has a way of songwriting that brings out the exuberance and joy to be found in music, even if his songs aren’t the happiest thing you’ve ever heard. One thing that Dayglow is really talented at is balancing fun and joyful music and lyrics, with deeper meanings that may not be as joyful as you’d think on first listen.

Struble’s lyrics tend to look on the bright side, but they also acknowledge that there is a dark side, especially in songs like “Then It All Goes Away,” in which
Struble sings “You tell me everything, you tell me it’s fine, but there’s something tells me that there’s something going on here.”

Dayglow is currently out on tour in support of the new album alongside indie pop artist Ritt Momney. The tour kicked off last month with two shows in Mexico, and will be heading to the United States and Canada, where they are playing more than 30 shows across the two countries.

People In Motion is out tomorrow.

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