Valencia Grace Takes a “Final Dance” on New Single

Today, up-and-coming artist Valencia Grace released her new single “Final Dance.” And if you’ve found yourself being stuck in your feel’s recently and in need of some new heartbreak music, this song might resonate tremendously well with you.

“Final Dance” isn’t like other breakup songs, but instead a rendering poem that expresses the story of a relationship going downhill and coming to terms with it in a pent-up, dully sanguine way, “You said it all to me with just one stare when I caught you crying in the middle of the stairs.”

Emotions of extended sadness and worry are shared along with the overwhelming awareness of confusion one feels revolving around the end of a relationship, “How did I get so lost? And why did I play this part? It’s all on me.”

As the harmony intensifies, so does the beat. The drums get louder as Valencia repeats her puzzled thoughts, making the chorus. Now, it’s not upbeat and cheery, it is a breakup song after all, but there’s a perspective told in a good rhythm that allows the listener to experience a sense of buoyant gloominess.

Grace, who is only 19-years-old and hails from the UK, just finished up a string of supporting shows with renforshort in the US and Europe. She also opened for Sam Fender at his sold out show in Los Angeles this past August.

Final Dance” is out now.

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