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The fall is an exciting time for me for a few reasons, and the fact that it’s a popular time for new music to be released is probably why it’s my favorite season.

I asked my Twitter followers if they would rather read a post about fall music releases or fall tours, and releases barely won. On the bright side, all of the artists that I am writing about in this post will be playing shows in Chicago this fall!

I’ve rounded up a few album releases that I am looking forward to, along with a couple artists that I’m hoping to drop an album on a whim.

In Order of Expected Release:

September 9

Bastille / Wide World

By the time September 9 rolls around, Bastille’s album “Bad Blood” will be over three years old. I consider Bastille to be one of my favorite bands, so I am definitely looking forward to this release.

Bastille performed a few of their new songs at Lollapalooza in July and I was intrigued by what I heard. I think Bastille does a really good job creating a distinct sound and I think that they can either go in a new direction creatively with this sound or play it safe, and I’m obviously hoping they push the envelop a bit.

Their singles “Good Grief” and “Fake It” are now on Spotify.

The Head and The Heart / Signs of Light

I feel like I say this a lot about all the musicians that I write about, but The Head and The Heart are probably one of my favorite groups out there right now and I am dying to hear new music from them!

The last time I saw The Head and The Heart perform was at Lollapalooza 2014, and I am so excited for them to release new music just about a month before I get to see them again in Chicago in October.

If you aren’t familiar with their music, The Head and The Heart is an indie folk group with releases in 2010 and 2013. They have a storytelling ability in their music that is unlike anything else I have ever heard and I’m curious to see where they go with their third album.

I just had the opportunity to go to a free movie screening of “The Hollars,” which is a film starring John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick, and many of The Head and The Heart’s songs were featured, which was awesome.

The band has a few singles out from the new album now: “All We Ever Knew,” “Library Card,” and “Colors.”

They have a show at the Aragon Ballroom on October 14. Purchase tickets here.

Local Natives / Sunlit Youth

Not to say this in a negative way, but I always forget about how much I like Local Natives. When I was a freshman in college, my school managed to get them to be apart of our spring concert, “Fest,” and I got to see them perform,

I was only somewhat familiar with them at that point, but I started really listening to them after that performance because I thought they put on such a great performance.

With that being said, they’ve pretty much been off the radar since 2014 and just made an appearance at Lolla. I got to see a couple songs but missed their set due to scheduling conflicts.

Local Natives has a show at The Riviera Theater on Monday, September 26. Click here for tickets.

September 16

Bad Suns / Disappear Here 

Bad Suns is making a return after touring their successful debut album “Language and Perspective” throughout 2014 and supporting the likes of Halsey and The 1975.

To say that I have been a fan of Bad Suns since their breakthrough is the honest truth, no matter how pretentious it may sound.

I had a chance to see them perform a few songs at JBTV in January of 2014 (their debut album was not released until June of 2014) and it’s been really exciting seeing how far they have come over the last two and a half years.

Bad Suns embarked on their first headlining tour in early 2015 and I saw them perform at my favorite venue in Chicago: Lincoln Hall. The release of their second album is only going to restart their momentum they had after the release of “Language and Perspective” and I can’t wait to see where their second album takes them.

Bad Suns has a show at the Double Door on October 28. Tickets are still available. I’ll hopefully be there!

October 14

From Indian Lakes / Everything Feels Better Now 

I’m having a hard time grasping the fact that From Indian Lakes has not released an album to the world since 2014, because I listen to it so regularly and it never gets old.

Arguably my favorite band on the planet, From Indian Lakes is an indie rock band from California that has been making some of my favorite music since 2013. They are some of the most talented, down to earth musicians and I only have an infinite amount of love for them.

I am beyond excited to hear where they decide to take their sound for this record and I know that the third album is going to deliver something fantastic.

They’ll be playing at the Subterranean here in Chicago on October 7. Get a ticket so I don’t have to go alone!

Two Door Cinema Club / Gameshow

Out of all the musicians in this post, Two Door Cinema Club takes the cake for the longest hiatus. Their last album, “Beacon,” was released FOUR YEARS AGO in 2012 and they have been flying under the radar for the most part since then.

They have been getting back into gear this past summer by playing quite a few festival gigs and just announced a fall tour, hitting Chicago on November 25.

I am not quite sure what direction they’re going to go in with their third album, just because I feel like they have one of the most distinct sounds out there right now, and I’m hoping that cohesiveness continues.

I do like their first single, “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” so I’m sure I am going to like what else is in store.

What I Hope Will Be Surprise Releases


Lorde has been hinting at a new album for the past few months, and it’s been nearly three years since her debut album “Pure Heroine” was released. She’s been in the studio with Jack Antonoff, so only time will tell when this album will be released.

I’m hoping for her to pull a Beyoncé and release it on a whim, but we probably won’t get anything until early 2017.


Just like Lorde, Jack Antonoff has been posting about being in the studio for a VERY long time. “Strange Desire” was released in July of 2014, so he’s just hit the two year mark. Any day now…

– Kristin

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