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Lollapalooza 2023 Lineup Predictions & Rumors

Can you believe it’s 2023?! We’re back for a brand new year all about our guesses and predictions for the 2023 Lollapalooza lineup predictions. As per usual, I come up with these guesses based on my own research as well as intense sifting through the Lollapalooza Reddit Thread: I will never take credit for everything listed below as the members of said thread do an incredible job sleuthing.



The 1975 – The last time The 1975 was supposed to perform at Lollapalooza was in 2020, and we all know what happened that year. With their last appearance at the festival in 2018, they’re bound to make an appearance again soon, this time as a sub or headliner. Here’s another source

Above & Beyond – They are headlining VELD Festival in Toronto from August 4-6. Toronto is obviously a stone’s throw from Chicago.

Billie Eilish – Though it seems like she’s been touring Happier Than Ever for several years at this point, she is playing O’Sheaga and hasn’t been to Lolla in a few years. Nothing against her, but I’ve seen her enough times I would be a little disappointed in this booking.

Florence and the Machine – anyone else at Flo’s headlining set in 2015 that got canceled early due to storms? I was and it hurt. I have no idea if this is even on the table but she has been touring the new album, so I say it’s definitely a possibility.

Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick’s playing O’Sheaga the same weekend as Lollapalooza: this Canadian festival always shares a large percentage of acts as Lolla. SOURCE

Lana Del Rey – New album on the way, hasn’t been at Lolla for several years…

Lil Nas X

Mumford & Sons – This is an interesting one, as Marcus just released his solo album last year, but they have tour dates all over the map this summer, including a spot performing at Lollapalooza Stockholm. They last performed at Lolla in 2013…10 year anniversary moment?

Odesza/Rufus Du Sol – I would assume it’s NOT Rufus, as the odds of us getting all 3 O’Sheaga headliners seems unlikely, but who knows.

Paramore – No Chicago date announced during their tour for next spring-summer, playing in Minnesota on August 3, right before Lolla. Here’s another source

SZA – Has never played Lolla, recently dropped a new album, is headlining Hangout Fest.

If I had to guess based on likelihood on the artists above, here’s my rough guess on a top 8 (no specific order)

Kendrick Lamar / Billie Eilish / Above & Beyond / Mumford & Sons / Paramore / The 1975 / Odesza/RDL / Lil Nas X

^ hoping for Sza up there, though!


Band of Horses – On tour with The Revivalists this summer, they are conveniently hitting Indianapolis on 7/29, Milwaukee 8/1, Oshkosh on 8/3.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Hasn’t played Lolla since 2018

Fred Again

Maggie Rogers – Chicago date in Feb, playing in Iowa for a festival during the same weekend as Lollapalooza – basically a lock.

Olivia Rodrigo – Buzz around a new album

Omar Apollo – He’s touring with SZA, so I’d like to think they’d both end up on the lineup.

Phoebe Bridgers – Phoebe was supposed to hit Lolla for her debut in 2020, and with rumors of new music in 2023, this one would make sense. Side note: I do think it’s possible that Phoebe gets a headline spot on The Grove.

EDIT – I don’t see Phoebe headlining as it seems like she’ll be playing shows with boygenius this summer, who just announced a show in Chicago at the end of June.

Sylvan Esso – touring this summer and are skipping Chicago, they’ll be at the same festival Maggie Rogers is in Iowa as well.

TIESTO – Also playing VELD Festival from August 4-6 and do not have any Chicago dates listed on their website this year. EDIT – playing Heatwave Festival in June.


Alex G – Playing the Hinterland festival over the same weekend. No other Chicago dates listed online.


Backseat Lovers – Going on tour next spring and conveniently will not be hitting Chicago during the tour, also playing Hangout Fest


Blu DeTiger – Has never played Lollapalooza

Chappell Roan

Chloe George

Dora Jar

Ella Jane

Ethel Cain

Half Alive – Last played Lolla in 2019, doing a spring tour in ’23, hitting Chicago in May. Enough time to come back for August.

Japanese House – Teasing new music

Jean Dawson – Has never played Lollapalooza

Lizzy McAlpine – Plays Chicago in April ’23, has never played Lolla, has no dates listed online past mid-June

Maisie Peters – Playing Lollapalooza Paris and does not have any dates clashing with Lollapalooza weekend (so far)

Montell Fish

Niall Horan – Just announced a new album and is playing Lollapalooza Paris

Nick Hakim – Just started a winter tour and is not coming to Chicago, has shows in Indianapolis and Madison at the end of July

Noah Cyrus

Noah KahanSource

Orville Peck

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

The Revivalists – On tour with Band of Horses this summer, they are conveniently hitting Indianapolis on 7/29, Milwaukee 8/1, Oshkosh on 8/3.

Rina Sawayama – Hit Chicago in April ’22, has never played Lolla, no tour dates past Feb listed on website. 

Sabrina Carpenter

Samia – Playing Chicago w/ Tommy Lefroy in Feb 2023, has never played Lolla

Sofi Tukker – They are also playing VELD Festival from August 4-6 and do not have any Chicago dates listed on their website this year. They’re also playing Coachella and Bonnaroo.

spill tab


Tommy Lefroy – Has never played Lollapalooza


young friend

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  1. I dont see ant rock bands on this list?

    • Definitely lots of rock omitted from my predictions list, I focus on primarily the genres I listen to, as you’ll notice not many rap or EDM acts are listed either! 🙂

  2. Stuart Reid

    I would point out that while Blu DeTiger has never played Lolla under her own name, she did play it last summer as Dominic Fike’s bass player.

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