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New Music Sunday: The Best 5 Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 13

There is is a LOT of incredible music out this week to sift through: be sure to follow our Spotify playlist that’s updated weekly: this week’s has over SIXTY new songs that are worth your attention.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Bullseye, Charli Adams
Sling, Clairo
Fallen Embers, Illenium
The Story of Hugo, Jawny
Blue Heron, Jodi
Sob Rock, John Mayer
lately I feel everything, WLLOW
Seize The Power, Yonaka
The Asymptotical World EP, Yves Tumor

In chronological order:

“Maker” – Hana Vu
Release Date – July 14

21-year-old Los Angeles artist Hana Vu has made her debut with Ghostly International with “Maker,” following a double EP from 2019 and a self-produced project in 2018. “Maker” introduces a co-producer for the first time in Jackson Phillips (Day Wave). Thanks to success from a handful of cover songs on Bandcamp and an incredible under-the-radar collaboration with WILLOW (who just released a new album), Vu’s been making waves on the internet with her music: and “Maker” fits the bill. Featuring a base of piano and banjo, the song dances with Vu’s harmonies. Vu explains the meaning behind the song in a Press Release: “I am not religious but I imagined a sort of desolate character crying out to an ultimately punitive force for something more.”

“Thirstier” – Torres
Release Date – July 14

I discovered Torres’ music earlier this year, and so far I think she’s crushed every single she’s released in 2021. “Thirstier” is the third song ahead of her next album of the same title, dropping on July 30. Mackenzie Scott’s vocals are incredibly powerful and uniquely her own: deep and full in tone and a much lower vibrato than many of the artists adjacent to her in the indie pop/rock genre. Sonically it reminds me of ’90s punk music from artists like Alanis Morissette or No Doubt. I’m anxiously anticipating her album to drop: check out her upcoming tour dates here.

“People Watching” – Conan Gray
Release Date – July 15

Olivia Rodrigo’s creative partner Daniel Nigro has paired up with Conan Gray and Julia Michaels for this new track, “People Watching,” and their stamp on the track is very evident. The song certainly feels like it could have been on Rodrigo’s debut album Sour, and absolutely has songwriting qualities that are quintessentially Julia Michaels: even the way that Gray enunciates as he sings (“I cut people out like tags on my clothing / I end up all alone but I still keep hoping”) – while it does “feel” like a Conan Gray song at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make your decision on what you think about some of the biggest songwriters in the industry working with so many different rising artists.

“Amoeba” – Clairo
Release Date – July 16

Clairo’s sophomore album Sling dropped just two days ago (review here), and though I probably have a bit of a different opinion on the album than my team member, Mitch, who wrote a glowing review of the album, we both agree that the second track “Amoeba” is quite the banger, and arguably one of the best off the project. “Amoeba” has an infectiously groovy piano line throughout the song, very playful, beautifully melodic, and more of a laidback track compared to many of the songs on the rest of the album. Though there’s certainly enjoyable moments throughout the entire project, “Amoeba” feels the most polished and fully developed.

“Get Down” – Still Woozy
Release Date – July 16

29-year-old Oakland native Sven Eric Gamsky has been releasing music under the stage name Still Woozy for quite some time, collaborating with artists like ODIE, Cautious Clay, and Omar Apollo, to name a few. I’ve always found his music to be catchy and low-key rambunctious, but nothing has caught my ear quite like his newest single, “Get Down.” The song is about pursuing someone you’re infatuated with, and willing to get hurt in or after the process just to spend time with them. The song comes ahead of Still Woozy’s highly-anticipated debut project, set to drop on August 13. He also recently announced a headlining tour for the fall with support from LoveLeo and Wallice. Check out the dates here.

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